Bayern Munich

Arsenal! Arsenal!

We love you Arsenal, we do,

We love you Arsenal, we do,

We love you Arsenal, we do,

Oh Arsenal we love you!

Theo Walcott Fires One Straight At Manuel Neuer's Head

Going into the second leg of a Champions League match down 1-5 against mighty Bayern Munich isn’t ideal. But Theo Walcott and Arsenal got an early goal in the 20th minute that gave them a glimmer of hope.

Joshua Kimmich Will Do More Than Replace Philipp Lahm At Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich's greatest talent has the potential to fill the shoes of the retiring Philipp Lahm and then some. Joshua Kimmich will more than likely represent both Bayern and the German national team with as much, if not more, success than his predecessor.

In his storied career, Lahm has amassed an impressive trophy case with almost every accomplishment imaginable. He is a seven-time Bundesliga winner, a six-time German Cup winner, possesses a coveted Champions League title and, of course, the 2014 World Cup title.

Arjen Robben Is Full Of Crap

Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben is known for one thing: cutting inside from the right wing and shooting with his left foot. That is his only move. He does not need any other moves because the one move he does have is wildly effective. However, Robben seems to think he does other things besides cut inside from the right and shoot with his left. He is wrong.

Bayern Munich Signs Young Phenom Ryan Johansson

Bayern Munich announced the signing of 16-year-old Luxembourd youth midfielder Ryan Johansson to a long-term contract that is set to begin this upcoming summer.

Before his signing with Bayern Munich, Johansson was playing in France, representing the FC Metz U-17 squad.

The 15 Most Stylish Footballers On Instagram

The world’s most popular sport is made up of more than just talent. These footballers have proven to us that they have swag on the field as well as off it. These 15 players ditched the athletic wear and replaced it with a whole bunch of style. Their sweaters, shades and shoes are giving us some serious style goals. Take a look at the most stylish footballers on Instagram.

RB Leipzig Are Hated In Germany But Will Soon Dominate The Bundesliga

You'd have to go back to 2008-09 to find the last Bundesliga title that wasn't won by either Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund. However, there is one that is lurking, currently in second place in their debut Bundesliga season, waiting for the spotlight.

The team is the most despised in German football — RB Leipzig, a side that has literally come out of nowhere in seven years and is now challenging the traditional might of the Bundesliga.

Bayern Munich Find A Late Equalizer Beyond Stoppage Time

Following Bayern Munich's dominating victory over Arsenal, the German club came out flat and ultimately battled to a draw against Hertha Berlin in the Bundesliga. Vedad Ibisevic opened the scoring for Hertha with a diving header, sneaking it past Manuel Neuer in the 21st minute.

It appeared that the lone goal from Ibisevic would give Hertha three points and their first victory over the Bavarians since 2009.

Bayern Munich Demolished Arsenal Because That's How The UCL Round Of 16 Works

C'mon, y'all knew this was coming. A promising start followed by a catastrophic and frankly hilarious meltdown: this is the Arsenal blueprint, and man, did they follow it against Bayern Munich Wednesday.