Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich Proved They Can Beat PSG, But They Still Couldn't Win Their Group

Bayern-PSG ended with the Parisians taking their second loss this week. Bayern's 3-1 victory was more of a victory in the moral sense, as they had basically no chance of winning the group thanks to goal differential. However, Bayern can hold their heads high knowing they can still compete with the best teams in Europe. As recently as a few months ago that was debatable.

It was all Lil B's doing, obviously.

Robert Lewandowski Has Thrown In The Towel And Gone Gray

Everyone ages. Aging is a necessary consequence of being alive, and should be accepted. That said, entire industries are propped up by folks looking to avoid aging. Footballers, with their combination of being rich, in the public eye all the time and having so many people fawn over them they inevitably become vain, are some of the most common indulgers in these industries.