The Best American Soccer Players On The Planet At This Exact Moment In Time

When compiling a list of the best American soccer players right now, it’s paramount to consider the sporting impact of COVID-19. For example, Megan Rapinoe received the 2019 Ballon d’Or as the best female footballer on the planet, but she’s played a total of 366 minutes in 2020 and probably won't add to that. 

With this list, we’ll celebrate the players that obviously stayed physically and mentally strong throughout quarantine before channeling that professionalism into a strong return to the pitch — whether that’s in the Bundesliga, Premier League or NWSL Challenge Cup.

The Top 10 Best Midfielders In Soccer Right Now, Ranked

The forwards and strikers of the world receive almost all the glory in the beautiful game. Soccer fans rave and rant about Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Kylian Mbappé and other star forwards. This time around, the midfielders shall receive some love — somebody has to get the ball to those forwards and still help in defense. This list ranks the best midfielders in soccer as of right now in the men's game.

5 Horrible Logo Changes That Left People Scratching Their Heads

Clubs are constantly trying to find ways to reach and expand their audiences. The boldest way that teams attempt this feat is through changing the identity of the club with a new logo. Ligue 1 side Bordeaux is the latest to make tweaks to the badge on the front of the jersey and released a short video on Twitter showing the transformation.

Your Complete Guide To Quintessential Neil Warnock Moments

Neil Warnock made his return to management Saturday in the most Neil Warnock way possible. His Middlesbrough outfit conceded 69 percent possession to Stoke City (yes, that Stoke City), was out-shot 22-8, yet managed tp pick up a 2-0 victory away from home, lifting the club out of the relegation zone.

"The lads have shown what they can do today and it's about standards," Warnock said after the match. "It's not just what they can do, it's a little bit more."

The Richest Women’s Soccer Players In The World

Who are the richest women's soccer players in the world-you ask? How much do female footballers make? Great questions and you’re in luck, because we put together a list of some of the richest women's soccer players in the world.

But let’s keep something in mind, the word ‘rich’ when used here is subjective — especially when we take a look at the richest male footballers in the world.

These women are rich compared to the Average Joe, but they’re severely underpaid when it comes to the professional sports world. 

Martial's Treble Was Manchester United's First Since Alex Ferguson Era, Here Are The Last Hat Tricks From The Current Top 11

Anthony Martial’s hat trick against Sheffield United ended the longest drought for a treble among the “Big Six.” The last time a Manchester United player scored a Premier League hat trick was Robin van Persie’s three goals against Aston Villa in April 2013.

I was finishing up middle school, the iPhone 5 was the new big thing and Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie” was the No. 1 song being played.

Apparently Cristiano Ronaldo Is Only The 6th Most Famous Aquarius, Who Possibly Has Him Beat?

Ah yes, astrology. That one pseudoscience where people base their actions off of events and energies they can’t see and a common excuse high schoolers use when they don’t want to do something. 

“Sorry for not watching your cat like I promised, but Mercury was in retrograde and it would have been a bad move on my part to go over and let Mittens out,” is a sentence that has probably been uttered once.