Footballers’ Check List For Surviving A Pandemic

So the spread of coronavirus means school’s been canceled or you have to work from remotely for a while? Not sure you can survive being confined to your home? Unclear what to do during quarantine? 

Even the most introverted of folks will go stir crazy locked up at home for days on end, but soccer players (and fans) have it especially tough. How do you go from playing and watching soccer all the time to not leaving the house and having no live sports on TV?

Hey Soccer Fans, Not All Is Lost — There’s Still Some Soccer On TV This Weekend

The list of soccer leagues choosing to suspend play amid precautions over coronavirus is long and spreading as quickly as the disease itself. From the biggest leagues in the world — Premier League, Serie A, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Champions League — to Major League Soccer, organizers are putting off play to protect the population and limit the spread of Covid-19. 

The 15 Best Soccer Movies And TV Shows On Netflix Right Now

With a noticeable downturn in matches available for consumption through our TV sets, we now need to turn to Netflix to get our footy fix. Thankfully, Netflix is an absolute monster when it comes to providing us with a bit of everything, and the beautiful game is no exception. 

Best Game Modes To Play On FIFA 20 During COVID-19 Outbreak

Let’s be brutally honest here, we’re all extremely bummed right now. The European leagues are in disarray, MLS has been suspended and everyone is a little on edge because of the coronavirus. So if you're self-quarantining or simply hiding, here are the best FIFA 20 game modes to play to take your mind off things.

1. Tournaments

Two New Skills Added To 2020 MLS All-Star Skills Challenge, Including The One Everyone Was Hoping For

In 2019, MLS reintroduced the skills challenge to the All-Star game and it proved to be quite successful. The skills included shooting, volleys and passing contested between host Orlando City SC, the MLS All-Stars and Atletico Madrid. This year a crossbar challenge and first-touch challenge will be the new additions to the 2020 MLS All-Star Skills Challenge.

How To Survive Coronavirus While Playing Soccer

Whether you’re watching, playing or officiating, soccer is a physical sport full of human-to-human contact. In addition to the action on the pitch, players and fans exchange handshakes, high-fives, hugs and more during the course of a game. 

Clint Dempsey’s 10 Best U.S. Goals Range From Bizarre To Brilliant

Clint Dempsey finished his international career as the United States' joint-leading scorer of all time. Both Dempsey and Landon Donovan reached 57 goals for the USMNT.

MLS Top Scorers 2020: Alan Pulido Upstaging Chicharito As Top Mexican Import

The race for the 2020 MLS Golden Boot is on with LAFC’s Carlos Vela looking to defend his title after setting a single-season record last year with 34 goals. The MLS top scorers 2020 will certainly look different with Zlatan Ibrahimović returning to Europe and Josef Martínez suffering an ACL injury, but the likes of Javier “Chicharito” Hernández and Alan Pulido are newcomers that’ll challenge Vela’s dominance.

We’ll keep this list updated with the top 10 scorers throughout the course of the league’s historic 25th season.

Gluttonous MLS Stadium Food Is More Than Enough Reason To Attend A Match

One of the best parts about attending a sporting event in the U.S. is the food. Unlike Europe, where they serve shit no one actually likes (prove I’m wrong), American stadiums are a Mecca of gluttonous foods and drinks. MLS stadium food is no different.

The best way to learn a city is through its food. One of the best ways to learn a city’s food is through the sporting arenas where thousands of fans gather every week. Nowhere is this more evident than at MLS stadiums, where food ranges from two-foot-long nachos in Texas to roasted cauliflower nachos in California. 

Fish (And Other Animals) Playing Soccer Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

Several years ago, The18 looked at different members of the animal kingdom partaking in the beautiful game. Since then more have joined including underwater footballers. Let’s take a look at the new animals playing soccer.