18 Soccer Players Who Are UFC Fans And Aren’t Afraid To Show It

On the face of it, soccer and MMA have little in common. One relies on teamwork, creativity and knocking a ball around; the other relies on strength, power and endurance. But there are more soccer players who are UFC fans than you might think, despite their differences.

From Cristiano to Zlatan, footballers have been inspired by UFC fighters (and sometimes vice versa). 

How To Watch The 2019 Copa America: The Draw, Fixtures, Times, TV And Streaming Options

With the draw finished on Jan. 24, the hype surrounding the 2019 Copa América in Brazil can begin in earnest. The storylines are plentiful: Can Chile three-peat? Can Neymar inspire Brazil on home soil? Can Lionel Messi, freshly returned to the Albiceleste setup, finally achieve international glory? It’s can’t-miss viewing, so here’s how to watch the 2019 Copa America.

Here’s A Spotify Playlist With Every FIFA Song Ever Because You Deserve It

We’ve previously presented you with The 18 Best FIFA Songs Of All Time and a FIFA-inspired soundtrack for your New Year’s Eve party, but we’ve been one-upped by Spotify user Ross Hyland, who’s compiled every FIFA song, including music from the FIFA Street series, into one epic playlist for our listening pleasure.

10 Clubs Playing In Leagues That Seemingly Defy Geographical Or Political Common Sense

Football is the world’s game. But the world, unlike football, doesn’t have straightforward rules. For this reason, there are countless soccer clubs around the world competing in leagues that geographically or politically don’t make much sense at first glance. 

These are the weirdest football clubs in terms of the leagues in which they play.

10 Old School MLS Commercials That’ll Make You Wonder How The League Survived

Back in 2001, Major League Soccer almost folded. After six seasons, millions of dollars in operating losses and with two clubs on the verge of contraction (the Tampa Bay Mutiny and Miami Fusion), the league was really only kept afloat by the vision of Lamar Hunt (who owned the Columbus Crew, Kansas City Wizards and Dallas Burn in his lifetime). 

Complete Champions League List Of Winners

The Champions League — formerly the European Cup — is the premier club soccer competition in the world, annually anointing a new champion to the team in Europe able to navigate a gauntlet of matches to reign supreme. The Champions League list of winners is a history of club football at its best — the teams that defined eras as much as any World Cup winner. 

So You Want To Be A Pro Footballer?

If you’re pondering the life of a professional, then you’re also probably wondering how soccer players get paid. Essentially, it’s dictated by the terms of the contract agreed to between the player and his or her club. Like most professions, wages are either paid on a semi-monthly (twice per month) or biweekly (every two weeks) basis.

However, as well as the earnings that players get from their annual contracts, there’s also added income through various bonuses (appearances, goals scored, trophies won), as well as image rights and other commercial endorsements. 

FIFA World Cup Top Scorers (All Time)

As a competition that traces its roots back to 1930, not many sporting events do trips down memory lane quite like the World Cup. The history of the World Cup, like history itself, is written by the winners, and you won’t lift the most prestigious trophy in sports without a bonafide goalscorer. So who are the FIFA World Cup top scorers of all time?

While the likes of James Rodriguez, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Wesley Sneijder and Diego Forlan have dazzled at recent tournaments, none of them feature in this list of the 20 most prolific World Cup top scorers of all time.

La Liga Top Scorers Of All Time (Official)

With a total of 17 titles in the European Cup/UEFA Champions League, no country comes to close to matching Spain’s level of dominance on the continent. By extension, La Liga is often viewed as the world’s premier league competition. When looking at the La Liga top scorers of all time, the level of quality throughout the history of the competition is evident.

Top 18 Late Night TV Appearances By Soccer Players

Americans loves celebrities like apple pie and making fun of baseball. It’s why late night TV shows constantly barrage us with uninspired interviews of famous actors trying to get us to watch their new thing.

But occasionally, a late night show does something truly inspired. They bring on a soccer player, someone who can actually keep the viewers who aren’t in states where marijuana is legalized awake.