You Need To Try These Soccer Video Games

FIFA and PES may need to rethink their strategy.

While the EA and Konami games are focused on realistic portrayals of soccer both in terms of graphics and gameplay, these games take the joy of soccer to new arenas.

Here is The18’s list of soccer video games you need to play.

Editor's Note: This article originally ran in 2017 but has been updated to include a few more soccer video games you gotta try. Find the new ones at the bottom below Rocket League.

2019 Ballon d’Or: Could One Of These Players Shock The World And Take It?

The 2019 Ballon d’Or will be presented in December, and the three front runners will all be confident of their chances at lifting the famous award. For both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, it could just be one of their final chances. They're each aiming for a sixth win. Meanwhile, for Virgil van Dijk it would be tremendous recognition of a fine season spent leading Liverpool to European glory and an incredible run in the Premier League.

A Look Inside 10 Of The World’s Most Expensive Training Grounds

Perhaps beginning with AC Milan’s historic Centro Sportivo Milanello and continuing to this day in previously undreamt of places like Atlanta and Utah, training facilities for the world’s most prestigious clubs have grown in importance as the most ambitious of organizations attempt to align the best in first-team training, sports science and academy development with a physical representation of an overarching ideology. 

The Best Soccer Bars In America

With all the major European soccer leagues kicking off over the last few weeks, we at The18 compiled a list of the best soccer bar in 10 major American cities.

This is what we came up with:

Who Are The Youngest Head Coaches Across Professional Sports?

Do you ever look at Wikipedia pages to see what age people accomplished things and think, “Hey, Charles Bukowski didn’t publish his first novel until 50, I’ve got plenty of time,” but then you see that Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein at the age of 18 and you say, “It’s over, bury me out back.” 

Is that a thing you do? 

The Americans With The Most Goals In The History Of The Premier League

It’ll come as a surprise to many, but since the Premier League’s inaugural 1992-93 season, 21 American footballers have gone on to score in England's top division. Sure, only eight of them have managed more than two goals, but we’re also the only nation to have had two goalkeepers score in the EPL. There’s no surer sign of a country’s footballing might.

10 Rowdy Lads That Are Mixing It Up In The USL

The 2019 USL Championship (USLC) season marks the division’s third year as the second tier of American and Canadian soccer, and with 36 clubs vying for the USL Cup — including three that are averaging attendances of over 10,000 per match — the competition has never been bigger or better. 

The Rarest Soccer Cleats Of All Time

Here is a list of the rarest soccer cleats of all time, according to pricing from auction websites. 

The Rarest Soccer Cleats Of All-Time

#10 Nike Mercurial Vapor R9 FG 1998 Ronaldo Edition (Auction Price: $2,000)

Photo: Ebay User: amz_9

The 25 Most Expensive Transfer Fees Ever Paid For Mexican Footballers

You don’t need me to tell you that global transfer fees are escalating faster than a grenade at a knife fight. There’s not a whole lot of sense to be made over the stratospheric numbers, except it must be nice to be a footballer’s agent. But who is the most expensive Mexican soccer player in today’s world of wheeling, dealing and making a killing in the oil field? Here are the 25 most expensive Mexican transfer fees ever.