10 Classic Full Matches You Can Watch On YouTube Right Now

You know that feeling after the World Cup group stage when, after feasting on three games per day for 15 straight days and growing used to having Rob Stone and Guus Hiddink as the most stable relationships in your life, it suddenly comes to an abrupt halt? That one day off before the start of the knockout rounds and the radio silence that comes with it hits you like a ton of sad, nostalgic, lonely bricks.

Our 5 Favorite Champions League Goals Of The 2019-20 Competition

With almost all of European football on hold, fans sit dreaming of the Champions League instead of watching it. The 2019-20 edition of the tournament isn’t canceled yet, so the return of the competition is still possible. While everyone waits, here's a look back at the best 2019-20 Champions League goals.

The Best 2019-20 Champions League Goals

#5. Erling Haaland’s Rocket vs. PSG

10 American European Adventures That Are Frequently Forgotten

When Christian Pulisic scores or DeAndre Yedlin showcases his pace on a recovery run, the highlights are available for consumption across the United States almost instantaneously. 15 years ago, that was certainly not the case.

This was a time without Twitter, YouTube and Reddit — a time when you had to visit for news while scrounging up money to pay for Fox Soccer Channel because your parents sure as shit weren’t expensing it. 

6 Moments That Define N'Golo Kanté’s All-Action Midfield Play

Since arriving in the Premier League for a modest fee of just under $9 million from French side Caen, N'Golo Kanté has demonstrated his commitment to the cause by winning a trophy every single year he’s graced English shores.

It was that miraculous Premier League title with Leicester City in 2016, another league title with Chelsea in 2017, the FA Cup in 2018 (followed by the World Cup that summer) and finally the Europa League crown in 2019. 

5 Shows You Need To Watch On Netflix With Just Enough Soccer

Whilst soccer has all but come to a halt around the globe, many fans have turned to Netflix to get their footie fix. The streaming behemoth has a fantastic library of soccer-centric movies, shows and documentaries; in fact, some of the best Netflix shows are about soccer.

5 Games That Were Played In Diabolical Weather Conditions

Every former footballer can think back to their playing days and remember those games when the elements went wild. Sometimes you were about to pass out due to heat exhaustion, freeze to death in tundra-like weather or drown from a downpour of rain.

The professionals have to deal with the elements as well, as seen in this list of the worst weather football games ever.

The Worst Weather Football Games Of All Time

#1. The Cold

5 Things I Unexpectedly Miss From The World Of Soccer

Due to EVENTS, there are things I miss about soccer — namely the performance, observance and existence of it. Alas, there’s not going to be any soccer for a while, and that’s for the best. The virus doesn’t move, we move it, so it’s time to stop moving. 

Be Sure Not To Miss The Biggest FIFA Tournament In History Going On Right Now

It was feared that for the first time, the month of March would be without a crazy tournament. Filling in for March Madness is the Ultimate QuaranTeam Cup, a FIFA 20 tournament featuring 128 teams from around the world.

During the break, several clubs’ social media teams played games like Connect-Four to fill the void of the football break.

Meet The Starting XI That Will Save Humanity From COVID-19

Moroccan side Raja Club Athletic followed its tradition for posting the team’s starting lineup ahead of its next match. This time around, the club’s opponent just so happens to be humanity’s adversary as well.

Let’s take a look at the chosen 11 Raja Club Athletic is fielding against COVID-19 and break down each player.