The Best Signings Of The Summer Transfer Window So Far

Due to the financial hardships caused by COVID-19, this year's summer transfer window looks much different than in previous years. Transfer windows across Europe have been widely staggered because of the various ending dates of major leagues. The Ligue 1 window has been open for weeks, while the Serie A window doesn't start until September 1.

Furthermore, since revenue is down, many clubs are treading lightly in the spending department. Teams are relying more on free transfers and cheap signings to boost the quality of their squad while staying financially frugal.

FIFA 21 Player Ratings: Who’s Moving Up And Who’s Getting Nerfed

FIFA 21 is coming. The annual release date has been somewhat effected by EVENTS — the usual late September holiday being pushed back to Oct. 6 — but we already know the cover star (Kylian Mbappé), the trailer has been released and we’ll see the first official gameplay footage on Tuesday. The biggest talking point remaining is the notorious FIFA 21 player ratings. 

This List Of The World’s Richest Clubs From 1998 Is A Wild Sight

Back in January, Deloitte published its annual Football Money League table to showcase the 20 highest earning football clubs in the world based on turnover for the 2018-19 season. At the top was Barcelona with revenues of over $1 billion. Revenue growth amongst the world’s wealthiest clubs has been exponential over the last decade, a fact that’s verified by Barça’s 1997-98 turnover of $63.5 million — the sixth-highest number on the planet at the time.

If They Don’t Go With Angel City, Here Are Alternatives For L.A.’s New NWSL Team

The NWSL recently announced an expansion team for Los Angeles, California, and fans are going absolutely bonkers. While players and kits have yet to be decided, the new club has dubbed its interim name as Angel City FC — that’s a pretty badass name, and so far, people are loving it.

The marketing video will give you chills.

Your Inside Guide To The Best Teams To Use In FIFA 21 Career Mode

EA Sports released the trailer for FIFA 21 on July 23, and while it will probably only have better graphics and some new, unnecessary feature, you degenerates out there — who am I kidding? — us degenerates out there will be buying the game come its official release Oct. 6.

The Americans With The Most Goals In The History Of The Premier League

It’ll come as a surprise to many, but since the Premier League’s inaugural 1992-93 season, 22 American footballers have gone on to score in England's top division. Sure, only eight of them have managed more than two goals, but we’re also the only nation to have had two goalkeepers score in the EPL. There’s no surer sign of a country’s footballing might.

Ranking The 10 Best Goalkeepers In Soccer Right Now

Goalkeeper is a frequently criticized but rarely praised position. Everyone wants to see acrobatic, top-corner dives and flashy one-on-one saves, when in truth those moments are just a fraction of what actually defines a goalkeeper. The modern goalkeeper must be able to play with their feet, organize their backline and play sweeper, while also executing their traditional shot-stopping duties.

Therefore, it is crucial to utilize all of these categories when ranking goalkeepers in order to paint a complete picture of a goalkeeper's abilities. 

The Things We All Remember About Playing Soccer Growing Up

Football is a game to which we all can relate. In fact, most of us grew up playing the beautiful game. If that was you, or if you were a parent, you might remember some of these things from youth soccer.

Soccer Memories We All Have

The parent tunnels. No matter how the game ended, parents line up and create these glorious tunnels. As a player, those tunnels made you feel invincible. That was the quickest you’ve ever run. As a parent, … well tunnels probably weren’t your favorite. And if they were, congrats, you were probably team mom.

The Alcohol You've Been Consuming This Season Based On The Team You Support

Having a beverage while watching sports is a tradition unlike any other. The performance of the team you’re supporting can be a large factor for what and how much you’re drinking. This list covers some of the top teams in Europe and what you’ve been drinking for the past several months based on who you support.

Thanks To Empty Stadiums, We Can Finally Determine Which European Club Has The Best Fan Base

Every fan base believes it is the loudest, the most loyal and the most involved in its club's success. They will point to statistics like crowd size, decibel level and home record to show that their crowds are superior to all others. But what if, instead of looking at games with crowds, we actually studied matches without fans.