The Numbers Don't Lie When It Comes To Ranking Premier League Goalkeepers

Life as a goalkeeper is difficult. A keeper can make nine fantastic saves in row, but if the 10th goes in they receive all of the blame.

Stats like goals against or saves made have been used haphazardly to evaluate goalkeepers for years, but they fail to paint the whole picture. For instance, if a goalkeeper plays behind a good defense they will be expected to allow fewer goals. Conversely, if the opposing striker keeps hitting top-corner screamers, the goalkeeper allows more goals that they can do little to prevent. 

Polish League Supporter Earns Spot Among Top 5 Most Dedicated Fans Ever

Football fans will go to the most ridiculous lengths to support their teams. The supporters are a crucial aspect to “the beautiful game,” which is why playing in front of no fans is so odd. Polish side Slask Wroclaw thought it was playing without anyone watching, until one lone fan rose above the wall of the stadium. This super fan is No. 5 on this list of the most dedicated football fans.

Most Dedicated Football Fans

5. Elevated Platform Man

Arsenal Keeper Bernd Leno Says Bundesliga Is "Boring And Sad." He Might Have A Point

In a recent interview, Arsenal and Germany goalkeeper Bernd Leno called out the Bundesliga for its monotony as Bayern Munich prepares to win an eighth straight title.

The first reaction to reading his quote is typically: "Says the guy who's in ninth place and 42 points behind Liverpool.”

Let's Check In On The Premier League's Promoted Sides

The English Premier League is set to return June 17 and there's still a great deal to play for at both ends of the table.

The EPL's three promoted sides — Sheffield United, Norwich City and Aston Villa — find themselves at each end of the standings. The Blades are remarkably eyeing a spot in Europe, while Norwich and Villa are fighting for EPL survival.

These teams provide three unique models on how to avoid relegation. Each club took a distinct approach last summer to transfer spending and squad retainment as they hoped to achieve Premier League sucess.

The 10 Greatest Africans To Play In The Premier League, Ranked

The English Premier League has been blessed with some of Africa’s best talent since the league's inception in 1992. Over the past decades, players from all over the continent have shown their skills and dazzled English fans. This list contains some of the greatest players to ever play in England’s top flight. Here are the ten best African players to play in the Premier League.

Alexi Lalas Turns 50: Here Are His Five Best Moments

Ah yes, Alexi Lalas, arguably the best redhead to play for the USMNT and one of the main voices for soccer in this country. From having some of the best hair in World Cup in history to torching the USMNT before its cataclysmic failure to qualify, Lalas has had plenty of noteworthy accomplishments in the past 50 years. This list looks at the five best Alexi Lalas moments so far.

My Concacaf Starting 11 Can Whoop Any Squad

Let’s start with some ground rules.

  • We’re using a 4-3-3 formation
  • We’re not taking real-life chemistry between players into account
  • We’re considering the player’s current form

OK, enough of that. Here’s my Concacaf 11 lineup broken down by position:

Never Forget The Five Best Seasons Americans Have Ever Had Abroad

As American stars like Christian Pulisic and Tyler Adams continue to mature and up-and-comers emerge, we’ll soon wonder how their performances compare to Americans from the past.

To help you draw these comparisons, here are the five best campaigns from Americans in Europe.

Soccer Players With The Craziest Pets

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have had to turn to their pets for social interactions. Felines and dogs make great stay-at-home buddies for playing and taking snoozes together. 

Plenty of professional soccer players like Alex Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo and Rose Lavelle all have pet dogs to keep them company. Players like Robin Van Persie, Kevin De Bruyne and Adrianna Franch are on team cats. Some players go for the bizarre with their pets.

Here is a list of soccer players with the craziest pets.