Ranking The Best Songs On The FIFA 21 Soundtrack

On Tuesday the FIFA 21 soundtrack was revealed. Like the previous edition, there are separate tracklists for the regular mode and the Volta street mode, but we’ll be focusing on the 36 tracks that comprise the one that people actually play.

I’m happy to report that while I initially recognized some of the artists — LA Priest, Louis the Child and Tame Impala among them – I hadn’t yet heard a single track off this playlist, which amounts to roughly two hours of listening time.

A List Of Every Current EPL Club's Worst League Loss

I gagged on my toast when I Googled “epl scores” and saw Leicester City putting the hammer down on last season’s runner-up, Manchester City. The Foxes 5-2 demolition of City had me wondering what was the worse loss City had ever suffered.

Filthy Bicycle Kick From Sporting CP Lands On List For Best Goals Of 2020

The year 2020 has brought us horrible nightmares that will plague us for some time. On the bright side, this span of 366 days — I forgot this year was a leap year — has produced some amazing goals thus far. Sporting Lisbon’s U-23 prodigy Loide Augusto scored one of the best goals of 2020 in a match against Benfica on Thursday.

This isn’t your standard bicycle kick. Bask in the glory of this Puskás-worthy gem.

10 Things Every Soccer Girl Remembers From ‘The Good Old Days’

Do you ever find yourself browsing through old Facebook photos late at night wondering why you chose to post some of the photos you did? I recently came across some old gems from my youth soccer days, and as I tried not to cringe at that chunk of hair I purposely left out of my ponytail I realized some moments from those days are worth remembering. Here are 10 things every soccer girl will *hopefully* remember from the good old days.

Keeping The18’s Tradition Alive Writing About Pulisic’s Birthday For Fourth Straight Year With His Top 5 Moments

Every time the calendar shows Sept. 18, The18 is legally obligated to write about Christian Pulisic. I don’t make the rules, I simply follow them. With that out of the way, this year we will recap the best Pulisic highlights of his career. In case you’re wondering what has been done in previous years for his birthday, please refer to the following list.

Pulisic’s 19th birthday: Compared him to Landon Donovan.

Meep! Meep! EA Releases List For Fastest Players In FIFA 21

When building your FIFA Ultimate Team this year you will undoubtedly be looking to add some speed to your lineup. Thankfully, EA has released the 20 players with highest pace in FIFA 21. 

This list will show the fastest three players and then break it down according to bronze, silver and gold cards.

The Fastest Three Players In FIFA 

Adama Traoré

The Ball Is Round, And Other Intriguing Parallels Between The Premier League And The NBA

With the NBA nearing the climax of its drawn-out season and the Premier League campaign just beginning, I often find myself drawing parallels between the two leagues. While soccer and basketball are very contrasting sports, the NBA and the EPL have a striking number of similarities.

Both are flowing games and have seasons that extend across nearly three quarters of the year. These similarities become more obvious when you consider the coaches, players and teams in each league. Here are some of the best examples corollaries between the two leagues:

Barcelona's Potential New Signing Is A Rapper On The Side, But Does He Have Bars? Here Are His 5 Best Lines

Barcelona is reportedly close to announcing the signing of Dutch striker and worldwide rap artist Memphis Depay. The full-time footballer, part-time rapper caught the eye of the Catalan club after helping Olympique Lyonnais reach the 2019 Champions League semifinal. We know he’s a talented footballer, but is Memphis Depay a good rapper?

He’s definitely not the most popular rapper, that’s for sure. His monthly listener count on Spotify isn’t anything to gawk at.