What Christian Eriksen Could Buy If He Goes To Inter Milan

Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen could soon have his wish of leaving Tottenham granted. Eriksen has voiced his displeasure with the club and intends to leave the Premier League to go elsewhere. Serie A side Inter Milan has focused its sights on the 27-year-old and is prepared to offer him quite the lucrative deal. Eriksen could be earning $130,000 a week after taxes according to The Times.

Rare Footage Of Famous Footballers Playing When They Were Kids And Teenagers

There’s no more compelling story than when a player like Jamie Vardy goes from being released by his club at the age of 16 to suddenly tearing up the Premier League at the age of 28, but the Leicester City striker’s path is a fit-for-Hollywood tale rather than the norm. The truth is that football is now a mega-industry and the reach of its tentacles knows no bounds — in the search for the world’s next great talent, no rock is left unturned and no YouTube highlight video is left unproduced.

Hold Up, Wait A Minute — How The Hell Did Pelé Get Here?

Pelé’s always been everywhere. As a player, he appeared at four World Cups spanning three different continents, his Santos side traveled around the world like the Harlem Globetrotters and he even ventured into the backwoods of American soccer with the New York Cosmos. 

But he truly achieved an omnipresence after retiring and transitioning into life as the OG Cristiano Ronaldo, hawking goods and services like a door-to-door salesman while collecting honorary degrees for his contributions to the bicycle kick sciences.

The Five Most Annoying Things About Being A Youth Soccer Coach

The idea of helping youths develop and hone their skills in soccer is appealing to a large number of coaches. In the U.S. alone there are coaches teaching millions of young players how to play the sport.

Coaching, like most things in life, doesn’t come without drawbacks. Whether it’s a player forgetting to bring their shin guards or Karen the Super Soccer Mom complaining about her child not getting enough playing time, the task of coaching can be strenuous. Here is a short list of shortcomings for youth soccer coaches.

The Players With The Most Career Hat Tricks In Soccer History

On Jan. 7, 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo made history after scoring his first hat trick for Juventus. Following the exploit, Ronaldo became the only player in history to record hat tricks in Serie A, LaLiga, the Premier League and at the World Cup. Additionally, it marked the Portuguese’s 56th career hat trick. But who has the most career hat tricks in the history of soccer?

Adama Traoré’s Insane Speed Compared To NFL Players

Wolverhampton forward Adama Traoré is one of the fastest soccer players in the world. The 23-year-old Spaniard has clocked in at a blistering 23.61 mph in training and has reached speeds of 22 mph in games.

Traoré’s physique is what separates him from other speedsters like Kylian Mbappé and Mohamed Salah. The Wolves forward stands at 5-10, but weighs 159 pounds, the majority of which is muscle.

The Top Goal Scorers In Each Calendar Year Over The Course Of The Last Decade

The statistic for goals in a calendar year is obviously a strange one since it combines feats from two separate seasons (the back-half of one campaign and the first half of the next), which isn’t really a useful metric. However, when looking at the top goal scorers from each calendar year over the past decade, there are a few interesting trends which speak volumes about the 2010s.

The18's 100 Footballers In The World 2019 (Full List)

To coincide annually with The Guardian’s excellent list of the 100 best male footballers in the world — compiled by a panel of 239 experts from 63 different nations — we here at The18 have compiled our own list over the last few years. There are no experts involved, there’s no rhyme or reason for anything, but we do hope you’ll join us on this adventure into the bowels of the beautiful game.

The18’s Favorite (And Least Favorite) XI Of The Decade

We’re nearing the end of the decade and we here at The18 have watched a whole lot of soccer over the last 10 years. So to commemorate the end of the era, we’ve compiled a best XI of our favorite soccer players — and our least favorite soccer players. 

While other outlets are doing Best XIs for the decade, we wanted to go a different route. Anyone can say Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo were the two best male players of the decade; who really cares about that? What’s more interesting, to us, is who people choose to like and dislike.