Top Holiday Gifts To Get Your Lady Baller For The Holidays

The holiday season is approaching and as online shopping is taking over how will you find the perfect gift without physically seeing it? Luckily, almost everything can be found online with a simple Google search. You can buy the perfect gift for your lady baller or football fan at the click of a button, and to help you out here is a list of top things you can get that will have your special footballer love you forever. 

Best Gifts For Lady Ballers

#1. NWSL Gear

Here's How Different The World Looked The Last Time Schalke Won A Game

To the surprise of nobody, Schalke lost again on Saturday in a pitiful 4-1 defeat to Borussia Mönchengladbach. The defeat extended the club’s winless run in the Bundesliga to 25 games. Tasmania Berlin holds the all-time winless record in the Bundesliga with a 31-game winless streak.

Celebrating Football’s Best Celebrations

The adrenaline after scoring a goal is something indescribable, whether it be at your local park or on football's biggest stage. Celebrations have become part of the game now — they get as much coverage as games do nowadays. 

Some celebrations have become a staple in a player’s game, such as Cristiano Ronaldo’s emphatic “SIII!” followed by the iconic jump. 

Fastest Goals Scored From Kickoff

In this video, we take a look at a few of the fastest goals ever scored in professional soccer games. Alex Morgan tallied her fastest goal around 10 seconds after the U.S. began playing Costa Rica. Not to be outdone, Saudi Arabian Nawaf Al-Abed scored just 2 seconds into his match.

Here’s Every Soccer Game You Should Watch While Staying Home For Thanksgiving

As a cultured Texan, I used to spend my Thanksgivings watching Texas A&M play football against Texas. Alas, this tradition died when the Longhorns, upset over the Aggies leaving for a new conference, refused to continue the tradition with a nonconference game nearly 10 years ago. Instead, my Thanksgiving football tradition has been replaced by watching Arsenal play in the Europa League, for better or worse.

I Feel The Need, The Need For Speed: The Fastest Women’s Soccer Players

Speed is an unteachable attribute that every athlete, no matter the sport, desires. Everyone wants to know who is the fastest. When it comes to women’s soccer, finding the answer to this question isn’t so simple. Top sprint speed is a niche statistic that isn’t tracked too often in the women’s game. With the data that is available, here is a list of some of the fastest women's soccer players.

The Best Cheap Players For FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

For this edition of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, it is not so difficult to have a competitive team spending just a few coins. Frankly, it is enough to have the ball in the area and make a powerful cross-shot to succeed. Whatever players you have in this game system, shooting with power is almost a guaranteed goal. However, you can't have a team with players who can't control the ball well or make a good pass.