Footballers With The Most Red Cards In Soccer History

Most players receive only a few red cards in the course of a career. Red cards can be a last ditch effort for a referee to control a game after it becomes unhinged. Typically, the events that lead up to a red card are unintentional - almost humorous. (We can all thank Fellaini for this comical exchange with Sergio Aguero during the Manchester Derby.)

Smallest Soccer Stadiums In The Top Flights

Having the smallest stadium in the league isn't always something to be proud of, but sometimes the smallest ones make the most noise. This list looks at some of the smallest soccer stadiums in the world’s biggest top-flight leagues.

Things You Didn't Want To Know About The Two New MLS Expansion Teams

Nashville or Miami? With the start of the 2020 Major League Soccer season right around the corner it’s time to take a closer look at the two new MLS expansion teams. This will absolutely be the most in-depth comparison you could possibly receive for the two new teams in Nashville and Miami.

The 18 Most Expensive Incoming Transfers (By League)

Ajax recently agreed to sell winger Hakim Ziyech to Chelsea for $43.4 million, with the 26-year-old moving to Stamford Bridge in the summer. While this number doesn’t even break the top 50 most expensive transfers of all time, it would be a blockbuster deal in most other leagues around the world. This list consists of the 18 most expensive incoming transfers across different leagues. 

The 10 Hottest Soccer Couples In The World Right Now

Once again, it’s Valentine’s Day, the time of year when single folks feel lonely, lovers post obnoxiously to social media and couples on the rocks find an excuse to break up. To celebrate this unnecessary holiday, we’ve compiled a list of the best soccer couples in the world to let the single people know what they’re missing out on. Because every soccer player’s goal in life is to find a fellow soccer player to fall in love with, right?

The Biggest Football Player Transformations

Players change their style all the time — I swear Neymar is on his 10th hairstyle by now. To avoid the mundane, people enjoy switching it up and acquire a new look from time-to-time. Eventually someone won’t even resemble their younger self and that’s what nearly all the players on this list of biggest football player transformations have done.

The Best And Worst Youth Sports To Referee

After 12 years away from the sphere of youth refereeing, I feel like I can finally come clean. While there’s a lot to like about making officiating your main means of employment throughout high school — namely the fact that you get to be outside while your friends construct thousands of take-and-bake pizzas at Papa Murphy’s — there’s also a fair degree of post-traumatic stress.

Remember When Roberto Carlos Was An Absolute Menace In Old Pepsi Commercials?

Roberto Carlos built his reputation off winning everything and stonking thunderbastards wherever he went. He was like that new species of dinosaur they just discovered, the “Reaper of Death,” because going toe-to-toe with him marked the endpoint of your existence. 

10 More Possible Name Replacements For Inter Miami

Inter Miami isn’t off to a hot start and its inaugural season has yet to begin.

Back in April of 2019, Serie A club Inter Milan filed a trademark claim for the “Inter” prefix, and today it was revealed that David Beckham’s club lost the first round of the legal battle. If the Italian giant ends up winning, then there will need to be an Inter Miami name change.

The Most Outrageously Dumb But Funny FIFA 20 Bugs And Glitches

I’ll have you know that my FIFA 20 Career Mode is going pretty well. I don’t concede often (I could probably play at a higher difficulty considering my 18 years of experience), but I'm also a dumpster fire going the other direction. Still, there’s a lot to like up in Newcastle as the city continues to come to gripes with its first American manager — I’m a trailblazer like Bob Bradley, screaming about “PKs” and “road games.”