Never Forget The Five Best Seasons Americans Have Ever Had Abroad

As American stars like Christian Pulisic and Tyler Adams continue to mature and up-and-comers emerge, we’ll soon wonder how their performances compare to Americans from the past.

To help you draw these comparisons, here are the five best campaigns from Americans in Europe.

Soccer Players With The Craziest Pets

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have had to turn to their pets for social interactions. Felines and dogs make great stay-at-home buddies for playing and taking snoozes together. 

Plenty of professional soccer players like Alex Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo and Rose Lavelle all have pet dogs to keep them company. Players like Robin Van Persie, Kevin De Bruyne and Adrianna Franch are on team cats. Some players go for the bizarre with their pets.

Here is a list of soccer players with the craziest pets.

The Craziest Matches Happen On May 19, Here Are The Best Five

Under normal circumstances, football fans would be watching domestic leagues in Europe wrap up and be getting ready for the Champions League final later in May. The month of March is known for college basketball’s March Madness, but the real chaos in the footballing world happens in May. You could even call it “May-hem.” The date May 19 has had several unbelievable matches. This list counts down some of the craziest football matches on the date May 19.

Five Players That Hated Their Time In England With A Fiery Passion

Let’s be real, the weather and lifestyle of England is drastically different from most other places in the world. The sun only comes out around three times each year, and it's either overcast or raining the other 362. If it isn’t a loathing for the weather, it's another factor that landed these five footballers on the list of players that disliked England.

3 American Players Abroad Who Are Set To Breakout

As the Bundesliga returns and other top leagues follow suit, we’re bound to have a number of exciting storylines develop. This might be coming from a biased, even desperate, place, but I think a number of young Americans will become part of the headlines that catch many by surprise.

Here are three American players abroad who already stand out at the youth levels of their clubs and are ready to take the next step once their leagues return to action.

Which Bundesliga Club Should You Support? We Americanize The Title Chasers

The Bundesliga will be the first major European league to resume play starting Saturday, May 16. Fans of the league are nothing less than exhilarated to see its return. For those unfamiliar with the league or even the teams, don’t fear.

For a little background, the title chase is being closely contested between five clubs. If you’re unsure who to root for, this Americanized list of the Bundesliga’s top five teams will surely help.

5 Ways Coronavirus Could Change Soccer For The Better

With the K League and Bundesliga nearing their respective returns and players flocking to team training facilities across the world for individual exercise, what you see there is a glimmer of light breaking through the darkness. But as Samwise Gamgee once pondered, how can the world go back to the way it was when so much bad has happened?

The 5 Best Goals Ever Scored By Goalkeepers

On May 3, 1998, legendary goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar scored the first and only goal of his professional career. In recognition of those in net, this list of the five best goalkeeper goals has been made to celebrate goals scored from the most unlikely source. Before starting the list, let’s take a moment to appreciate a young Van der Sar scoring.

Now on to the good stuff.