We Know Your First 3 Weeks Sucked, So Check Out These FPL Week 4 Picks, Predictions

Congrats, you made it through the week and it's time to forget about politics and global pandemics and gather around a true water-cooler topic: the Fantasy Premier League. I'm currently in the process of improving the current algorithm, and a fresh data-driven article about that will be out soon. I'm sure you're all thrilled with that news, so stay tuned. 

Five Players’ Digestive/Urinary Systems That Shamelessly Decided Game Time Was Bathroom Time

Tottenham’s Eric Dier shocked viewers during an intense EFL Cup tie with Chelsea when he abruptly departed the field to use the facilities. The moment only got more embarrassing when Jose Mourinho chased down the tunnel after Dier to encourage his player to finish his business faster.