Premier League

Chelsea's U-23 Matches Are Becoming Must-Watch Affairs

If you think weeknight drama in the footballing world is usually reserved for Champions League ties and the occasional Premier League match, then you are gravely mistaken. In a year where everything has been turned upside down, the best soccer spectacle is now apparently Monday night Premier League 2 matches.

Where else can you watch Petr Čech play in goal, witness 30-year-old Danny Drinkwater chopping down teenagers and scout some of the best young prospects in England?

Two Americans Feature In Wolves’ Stunning Victory Against Chelsea

Wolverhampton handed Chelsea a second defeat in the span of three days with a dramatic 2-1 victory on Tuesday.

The two clubs left all of the drama and action for the second half. In the opening 45 minutes, the best opportunity fell Chelsea’s way on the stroke of halftime when Kurt Zouma's header rattled off the crossbar.

When Does The January Transfer Window Open And When Will We See Sweet Boy Özil Again?

Due to the scheduling havoc wreaked by COVID-19 and the resulting extension of the 2019-20 season, the summer transfer was extended until Oct. 5, but when does the January transfer window 2021 open? It’s been a wild ride, but some semblance of normality has returned to European football with the January transfer window set to open on Saturday, Jan. 2 and close on Monday, Feb. 1.

Has the January transfer window changed?

We’ve Created The Ultimate Spurs Match Report So We Never Have To Again

Tottenham played a Premier League match today against (INSERT OPPONENT HERE) Crystal Palace, allowing Harry Kane and Son Heung-min to utilize their strength of telepathic communication in the (FINAL OUTCOME HERE) 1-1 draw. 

It was almost certainly another José Mourinho mind game master class in counter attacking excellence, although questions will be asked of his negative approach with regards to the moments in the game when he perhaps could’ve been more positive.  

What Did We Do To Deserve Such A Tepid Manchester Derby?

Premier League rivalries are all about bone-rattling challenges, blistering attacks and scorching intensity. The Manchester Derby had none of those things on Saturday. What did we do to deserve such a tepid, boring match between two of the richest clubs in the world?

Manchester United and Manchester City played a 0-0 draw on Saturday at Old Trafford, and I can’t remember a more dreary, uninteresting clash between these two famous sides. 

The EPL's Penalty Stats This Season Show Just How Warped The Game Has Become

It's no secret that penalties kicks are being awarded more often in the Premier League this year  Bruno Fernandes has already converted 13 of them during his brief time in Manchester, while Raheem Sterling recently became the first Premier Leaguer to win 20 penalties. A variety of factors are likely at play: the incompetence of VAR, players attackin

Jamie Vardy Gifts Rainbow Corner Flag To Leicester’s LGBTQ+ Fan Group With Heartfelt Message

Jamie Vardy was ecstatic after he scored a last-minute goal against Sheffield United on Sunday. The Leicester striker was so thrilled that he celebrated by absolutely obliterating Bramall Lane’s corner flag. On Wednesday, the Vardy corner flag saga had a heart-warming twist as he gifted the flag to Leicester’s LGBTQ+ supporter group.