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Experiment: Can We Laugh At Son And Benteke Forgetting To Kneel Without Fighting In The Comments?

This moment made my day. Please, nobody ruin it.

Tottenham had a predictable 1-1 draw against Crystal Palace on Sunday that was so akin to previous Spurs games that The18 made a match report that can be filled out like a Mad Libs book. 

One of the most talked about moments of the game came seconds before kickoff when Son Heung-min and Christian Benteke accidentally forgot to take a knee. Here is the hilarious Son and Benteke forget to kneel video.

While I’m sure this was a humiliating moment for Son and Benteke, many people got a solid laugh out of the accident. 

The question I pose is this: Can we chuckle at this moment without the Facebook comments descending into an all-out fist fight? 

Watching people embarrass themselves and taking a moment to laugh is one of the backbones of humor. I’m pretty sure America’s Funniest Home Videos' mission statement is “laugh at people embarrass themselves.”

Son and Benteke forgetting to kneel was purely accidental and not meant to insult anyone. The moment also created a perfect opportunity for people to make ridiculous edits.

Now it’s time to see if this article can be posted on the Face of the Book without fellow commenters mauling one another. Can we momentarily accept an olive branch of comedy and laugh together at the embarrassment of others?

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