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FA Women’s Super League Gets Huge Boost With New Streaming Service

The United States reigns supreme in women’s soccer, a fact few would dispute. Whether the U.S. women’s national team or the NWSL domestic league, the Americans are the standard bearer in the sport. 

But the rest of the world is catching up, and a new streaming deal could help expedite the process.

Capitalizing on record viewership for the 2019 Women’s World Cup in England, the FA Women’s Super League — England’s top division for women’s football — is launching a new streaming service that will make every WSL match available for free, worldwide. 

How Cristiano Ronaldo's Vertical Compares To That Of Other Athletes

Good vertical jumps are touch and go in soccer — some footballers have it, some don’t. It’s not always a necessary skill when playing the game, but it sure is nice to have. However, there's one player who has it in abundance: Cristiano Ronaldo. The man has BOUNCE.

In fact, his 30-inch vertical might be even higher now since the stat was officially recorded in 2014, because we all know how much he loves to train. Below, we’ll look at his vertical compared to a few other athletes, past and present, from various sports.

• Cristiano Ronaldo: 30 inches

Milan’s Chef Cooks Delicious Pasta And Shares Memories In Awesome Behind-The-Scenes Video

With the immense popularity of cooking shows and the growing number of soccer-focused sports documentaries out there, it’s probably only a matter of time before we see a behind-the-scenes series that’s focused on a club’s kitchen. If this five-minute video focusing on AC Milan’s chef is any indication, it’ll be one helluva show.

André-Pierre Gignac Becomes Tigres' All-Time Top Goalscorer

In a game that looked set to end goalless, André-Pierre Gignac came up big — as he alwasy has for Tigres — and scored an 89th-minute winner versus Pumas on Sunday night. It was his 105th goal for the Monterrey club, making him the team's outright top goalscorer in its history.

NBC Is The Latest Broadcaster To Show It Doesn’t Give A Damn About Its Customers

Every year there’s a new twist on how to watch Premier League matches. This year, unfortunately, it’s another nightmarish twist, like something out of a damn M. Night Shyamalan movie. 

NBC has provided superlative coverage of the Premier League since obtaining the U.S. TV rights in 2013. Arlo White and Rebecca Lowe have been welcome additions to living rooms across the U.S. Alongside the likes of Kyle Martino, Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe, among others, few can match the quality of coverage NBC provides on its range of networks.

No Rest For The Weary: USWNT Confirms Full Victory Tour Dates For This Fall

The work never ends when you’re a women’s footballer, as the 2019 USWNT victory tour makes abundantly clear. 

After a 10-match pre-World Cup schedule and seven grueling games at the Women’s World Cup in France, the USWNT will be trotted out five more times in 2019. U.S. Soccer has announced all five dates on a moneymaking USWNT victory tour, including stops in Philadelphia, St. Paul, Minnesota, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Cincinatti, Ohio. 

A Look At Each Premier League Club's Market Value Highlights Disparity From Top To Bottom

Premier League clubs continue to increase their respective squad values, due to an increase in available funds from huge TV deals that then get allocated to each Premier League club. From there, it's on the owners to splash the cash and match the ambitions of their club. Here, we take a look at each Premier League club market value, based on their current squad.

Premier League Club Market Value

(Squad valuations as of Aug. 1, 2019)

10 Soccer Siblings You Have Never Heard Of

Like all sports, soccer can run in the family. A lot of soccer families have made it into the professional game; many are recognizable names. The Toure Brothers, Yaya and Kolo, were Premier League icons; the Laudrup brothers are Danish heroes. Some soccer siblings outshine others or have just played for more recognizable clubs during their careers.

Lucky for you we’ve kept track of some soccer player siblings that you may not have heard about. Here is the list of soccer siblings that you haven’t heard of.

FIFA's Finalists For 'The Best' FIFA Awards Are Some Of The FIFAest Things FIFA Has Done

The nominations for FIFA's self-indulging award of naming "The Best FIFA Football Awards" for coaches and players were announced Wednesday morning. The winners will be revealed Sept. 23 in Milan at The Best FIFA Football Awards show. Here are the FIFA Best Awards nominees for 2019.

2019 FIFA Best Awards Nominees

Men's player finalsists