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What The Heck Is This UEFA Nations League Thing Anyway?

Have you ever noticed how a lot of internet articles love to ask a ton of questions in a single paragraph? For example a story on the UEFA Nations League will have a single paragraph with things like: What is the UEFA Nations League? What is the UEFA Nations League schedule? How does the UEFA Nations League work? Where can I find a UEFA Nations League guide?

How Soccer Players Wear Their Socks And What It Says About Their Playing Style

Socks: They’ve never been more celebrated. Whether it’s the “This Meeting Sucks” Happy Socks that your father discreetly wears to work or footballers risking it all to the tune of a $65,000 fine for wearing their beloved but banned hosiery at the World Cup, it’s all about covering your lil’ digits with the finest nylon. But how soccer players wear their socks has certainly come along way since the days slabbing together some leather or matted animal hair.

Why Tottenham’s Son Heung-Min Avoided Mandatory Military Service By Beating Up On Some Kids

Tottenham fans can exhale. There will be no mandatory Son Heung-Min military service. All thanks to the Spurs midfielder beating up on a bunch of kids.

All South Korean men must complete 21 months of military service for the country, a response to the constant threat of the militaristic North Korea. There are only two ways to gain exemptions: win a medal at the Olympics or win gold at the Asian Games.

Son, 26, would be required to enter into military service by the time he turns 28, unless he could gain an exemption.

Usain Bolt’s A-League Debut A Success, Even Though He Was Pretty Awful

Usain Bolt made his debut with the Central Coast Mariners of Australia’s A-League on Friday. He played 19 minutes, didn’t score and certainly didn’t show enough ability to be considered a professional footballer. But the Usain Bolt soccer trial was a smashing success.

Do Soccer Players Get CTE?

In 2017, a study announced the existence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in four former footballers. Many have asked: Do soccer players get CTE? This was, according to media that pounced on the story, definitive proof.

However, a closer analysis of the study, one that doesn’t just take the findings completely out of context, as most media publications do when any new scientific study comes, shows it’s far more complicated than that.

English FA Helps Out The Little Guys By Increasing FA Cup Prize Money

In what can only be described as fantastic news, the English Football Association (FA) has decided to increase the FA Cup prize money. 

The news really did fly under the radar for many fans, but it is our duty to provide you with this important piece of information.

The 2018-19 FA Cup prize money is almost double what it was from the previous editions of English football’s most prestigious trophy. From the point of winning a First Round Qualifying match, the prize money doubled for every stage. 

Usain Bolt To Play In A Trial Match For Australian Team Central Coast Mariners

Jamaican sprint star Usain Bolt is set to play in a trial match for Australian A-League club Central Coast Mariners later today. The fastest man in the world has harboured aspirations of becoming a professional soccer player, and the Mariners are looking to be the club that makes his dream a reality.

The Best Soccer Players Born In September

There’s something about soccer players born in September. 

While talent should in theory be equally divided throughout the world by players born in each month, soccer players born in September make up a hefty portion of some of the best players in the world right now and throughout history. In fact, nine of the following best soccer players born in September were born in 1989, apparently a great month in the history of the sport, which gave us the likes of Thomas Mueller, Daniel Sturridge, Alexandre Pato and Gylfi Sigurdsson. 

Fastest Soccer Players In The World Today (2018 Edition)

Who are the fastest soccer players in the world today? Well, by working toward a composite of various top speeds collected throughout last year’s club season and this summer’s World Cup, we can somewhat confidently say that this list here comprises the 40 fastest soccer players in the world today.