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Clubs With The Most Champions League Final Losses

Is it better to have loved and lost than never loved at all? That’s the question for these clubs, which sadly have the records for most Champions League final losses.

Would it have been better to be knocked out in the quarterfinals and save the agony of losing to a rival in the final? Was the journey worth the heartbreak of losing a 3-0 halftime lead in Istanbul? Should Benfica have paid its manager a little more in the 1960s?

Leeds United's 'SpyGate' Investigation Set To Continue, According To EFL

Just when you thought the news of Leeds United and “SpyGate” started to die down, another spanner has been thrown into the works.

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Players With The Most Champions League Titles

There are few better ways to determine the quality of a footballer than by the trophies he and his teams have won. Being crowned the best club in Europe is one of the top honors for a footballer and dozens of players have won the European Cup or Champions League trophies three or more times. The question is, who are the players with the most Champions League titles?

Highest Attended Soccer Matches In U.S. History

Atlanta United set all sorts of Major League Soccer attendance records in its second year in the league, from highest average attendance to biggest MLS Cup crowd. It was impressive to see more fans at the 2018 MLS Cup final in December than the Super Bowl at the same stadium two months later. But how does Atlanta stack up to the highest attended soccer matches in U.S. history?

Where Soccer Ranks In The Most Attended U.S. Sporting Events

In his pre-Super Bowl interview with CBS this past week, Donald Trump said he would prefer his 12-year-old son Barron to not play American football, despite the NFL and college football’s status as a leader in highest sports attendance in the United States. 

It’s too dangerous, the U.S. president said, referring to the concussion rate as well as the prevalence of other types of injuries. 

Instead, Trump said he’s happy with Barron continuing to play soccer (he’s currently on a D.C. United youth team).

How Do The Minimum MLS And NWSL Salaries Compare To Other U.S. Sports?

Having you ever sat there, lost in a reverie while the Netflix menu stands idle, thinking: "I’m not very athletic, all things considered, but I don’t need to be the star. Maybe I could be like Jürgen Klopp ('As a player I had fifth division skills and a first division brain') or better yet, Carlos Kaiser and earn a spot as the backup’s backup.

Which Professional Sports Leagues Draw The Biggest Crowds? Here’s The Breakdown

Fresh off the MLS Cup drawing a larger crowd than the Super Bowl at the same stadium, it’s the perfect time to dive into the largest sports attendance records around the planet. So, what is the most attended sport in the world? 

How The Women's World Cup Works: A Guide For Everyone

In many ways, the Women’s World Cup is a lot like its male counterpart. In many ways, it isn’t. So with the tournament set to arrive this summer in France, we thought we’d explain how the Women's World Cup works in 2019.

The men’s World Cup has been around since 1930, but the women’s World Cup didn’t start until 1991. The men’s World Cup has 32 teams, the women’s just 24. The U.S. sucks at the men’s World Cup; the U.S. dominates at the Women’s World Cup.

January Camp Aside, This Was Actually A Really Great Month For The USMNT

For the casual fan watching Europe, the 2019 January transfer window was by no means the most exciting in recent memory. In terms of what it meant for U.S. soccer, it was massive. 

More and more young Americans are heeding the words of one-time USMNT coach Jurgen Klinsmann and heading to Europe. More and more European clubs are welcoming young Americans into the fold. 

Athletic Bilbao Sets Spanish Attendance Record For Women’s Soccer, Here's Where it Ranks In The World

Atletico Madrid visited Athletic Bilbao for a Copa de la Reina quarterfinal match on Wednesday, pulling out a 2-0 victory despite going down to 10 women early in the second half. But the story of the day wasn’t the Madrid side’s resolve but the Bilbao fans in the stands. A record 48,121 fans turned out for the match at the San Mamés, a the highest attendance in women's soccer in Spain.