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How The Women's World Cup Works: A Guide For Everyone

In many ways, the Women’s World Cup is a lot like its male counterpart. In many ways, it isn’t. So with the tournament set to arrive this summer in France, we thought we’d explain how the Women's World Cup works in 2019.

The men’s World Cup has been around since 1930, but the women’s World Cup didn’t start until 1991. The men’s World Cup has 32 teams, the women’s just 24. The U.S. sucks at the men’s World Cup; the U.S. dominates at the Women’s World Cup.

Because VAR Gets Things Too Right, IFAB Considering Massive Overhaul Of Offside Rule

MANCHESTER, England — When football's law-making body IFAB met last week, a decision that could massively impact the game at all levels passed barely noticed as the debate over VAR technology hogged the limelight.

Officials of IFAB, the International Football Association Board, made up of the four British home nations and FIFA, agreed to conduct a year-long review into the offside law, which is expected to end with a proposal for a new rule.

The implications were not lost on Mark Bullingham, chief executive of England's Football Association.

The Worst Team In International Football Could Finally Get Its First Win

The beauty of the UEFA Nations League is that teams of similar skill level get to play one another. This ensures that the minnows of UEFA don’t have to routinely get clobbered by the big boys. After the latest draw, the worst team in football has another chance to win its first competitive game.

Gluttonous MLS Stadium Food Is More Than Enough Reason To Attend A Match

One of the best parts about attending a sporting event in the U.S. is the food. Unlike Europe, where they serve shit no one actually likes (prove I’m wrong), American stadiums are a Mecca of gluttonous foods and drinks. MLS stadium food is no different.

The best way to learn a city is through its food. One of the best ways to learn a city’s food is through the sporting arenas where thousands of fans gather every week. Nowhere is this more evident than at MLS stadiums, where food ranges from two-foot-long nachos in Texas to roasted cauliflower nachos in California. 

Footballers With The Most Red Cards In Soccer History

Most players receive only a few red cards in the course of a career. Red cards can be a last ditch effort for a referee to control a game after it becomes unhinged. Typically, the events that lead up to a red card are unintentional - almost humorous. (We can all thank Fellaini for this comical exchange with Sergio Aguero during the Manchester Derby.)

Why Even The Haters Should Give A Damn About MLS

Major League Soccer. *ducks*

Is it safe to come out?

As Major League Soccer enters its 25th season, it’s hard to remember a time when it didn’t exist. Many of the league’s fans have never known a time when the U.S. did not have a professional soccer league. 

When the league launched in 1996, there were plenty of detractors who said soccer will never make it in the U.S. There were plenty more Euro snobs who simply turned their noses up at the mere thought of watching Americans in the baggy, peacock uniforms of the league’s early years. 

Smallest Soccer Stadiums In The Top Flights

Having the smallest stadium in the league isn't always something to be proud of, but sometimes the smallest ones make the most noise. This list looks at some of the smallest soccer stadiums in the world’s biggest top-flight leagues.

Liverpool Maintains Course For Earliest Premier League Triumph Ever

They’re calling Liverpool’s Premier League title challenge a procession because that’s exactly what it is. For whatever reason, that’s come to be seen as a howl of despair from neutrals, as though Liverpool’s brilliance is setting off an ennui inside us all that can only be rectified by allowing offside goals scored against the Reds to stand.