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How The World Cup Works: A Guide For Everyone

The 21st edition of the World Cup kicks off in Moscow on June 14. It’s the most popular tournament for the world’s most popular game. But do you actually know how the World Cup works?

The World Cup has had dozens of different formats since its inception in 1930. Since the World Cup expanded from 24 to 32 teams ahead of the 1998 edition, the tournament has finally found a system it likes. FIFA has stuck with the same format of eight groups of four turning into a 16-team knockout playoff for six tournaments now, including Russia 2018. 

How Champions League Scoring Works (Away Goals Explained)

Ah, the Champions League. A bastion of European Football and a staple of any footy fan’s season. There’s certainly a lot to love about the competition: goals, matchups, drama and more — but mostly the goals. Something characteristic of European competitions, both the Champions League and the Europa League, is the scoring. The away goals rule is important because it prevents tie-breakers and can change the mentality of how teams play. Here’s how Champions League scoring works.

The Champions League Vs. Premier League: Money, Format And FAQs

If you’re an American who’s somewhat befuddled by the simultaneous competitions that seemingly rage endlessly in European soccer — particularly the difference in Champions League vs Premier League — here’s a quick primer to set you straight so that you can enjoy both struggles to the fullest. 

Champions League vs Premier League: Money, Teams And Qualification

The Premier League

10 Clubs Playing In Leagues That Seemingly Defy Geographical Or Political Common Sense

Football is the world’s game. But the world, unlike football, doesn’t have straightforward rules. For this reason, there are countless soccer clubs around the world competing in leagues that geographically or politically don’t make much sense at first glance. 

These are the weirdest football clubs in terms of the leagues in which they play.

The Champions League Format, Explained

The Champions League has taken place every year since 1956, when it was originally named the European Cup. While the end result is always the same — a winner crowned club champion of Europe — the Champions League format has evolved over the years. 

Since 1956, 21 different clubs have lifted the big-eared trophy symbolizing the top of the club football game, but no two paths have been exactly the same. 

Complete Champions League List Of Winners

The Champions League — formerly the European Cup — is the premier club soccer competition in the world, annually anointing a new champion to the team in Europe able to navigate a gauntlet of matches to reign supreme. The Champions League list of winners is a history of club football at its best — the teams that defined eras as much as any World Cup winner. 

Are Champions League Highlights On TV? How To Watch The Best Action From Europe

With all of the changes in American TV soccer rights in the last few years, it can be daunting to keep track of what is broadcast on what channel, especially when it comes to European midweek matches, which are on in the middle of the workday in the U.S. Sometimes you don’t need to see the full matches or maybe you don’t have time to sit down for 90 minutes during the middle of the day. So this leaves a lot of us wondering: Are Champions League highlights on TV in the U.S.?

So You Want To Be A Pro Footballer?

If you’re pondering the life of a professional, then you’re also probably wondering how soccer players get paid. Essentially, it’s dictated by the terms of the contract agreed to between the player and his or her club. Like most professions, wages are either paid on a semi-monthly (twice per month) or biweekly (every two weeks) basis.

However, as well as the earnings that players get from their annual contracts, there’s also added income through various bonuses (appearances, goals scored, trophies won), as well as image rights and other commercial endorsements.