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How The World Cup Works: A Guide For Everyone

The 21st edition of the World Cup kicks off in Moscow on June 14. It’s the most popular tournament for the world’s most popular game. But do you actually know how the World Cup works?

The World Cup has had dozens of different formats since its inception in 1930. Since the World Cup expanded from 24 to 32 teams ahead of the 1998 edition, the tournament has finally found a system it likes. FIFA has stuck with the same format of eight groups of four turning into a 16-team knockout playoff for six tournaments now, including Russia 2018. 

FIFA 19 Cover Is Missing Something Important

Perhaps more than any other video game, the cover boy for the FIFA video game franchise is a symbol of who has made it on the world stage. While EA Sports often adds region-specific secondary or even tertiary figures, there is typically just one primary player n. The FIFA 19 cover bucks that trend.

For the latest installment in the preeminent footballing franchise, EA Sports has opted for two of the world’s three best players to grace the FIFA 19 cover. 

Karpatalja Edges Northern Cyprus In Penalties To Claim First World Cup Title (Seriously)

Politics and sports, particularly on the international stage, often intersect. Their connection is amplified during the ConIFA World Cup.

Held every other year since 2014, the ConIFA World Cup gives teams comprised of stateless peoples, ethnic minorities and sub-national entities the opportunity to compete at an international level.

The Youngest Player At The World Cup: Who Is Daniel Arzani?

Daniel Arzani has played one season of professional soccer, and his performances have earned him a spot on the Australian team for the World Cup. But how has the 19 year-old taken the A-League by storm, and how did he manage to book his ticket on the plane to Russia after one season with Melbourne City to become the youngest player at World Cup 2018?

Peru Enters The World Cup As Unofficial World Champions

Peru is on something of a tear in the Unofficial Football World Championships — the hugely enjoyable competition that uses a boxing-style title system dating back to the first-ever international match to determine which nation is the current title holders. 

What Failed Invasions Of Russia Tell Us About The 2018 World Cup Campaign

The World Cup will be held in Russia for the first time ever this coming month. Four World Cup participants in particular will be quite pleased the tournament is scheduled for summer, because all good historians know it’s impossible to conquer Russia in winter (unless you are the Mongols, who didn't qualify). Germany, France, Sweden and Poland have all failed invasions of Russia in their past, so they’ll hope history doesn’t repeat itself when July rolls around.

These Golden Boot Winners Weren't Good Enough For Their World Cup Teams

When Argentina manager Jorge Sampaoli announced his final 23-man roster for the World Cup, he didn't call on one of the hottest strikers on the planet. Inter Milan's Mauro Icardi tied Lazio's Ciro Immobile for golden boot honors in Serie A, scoring 29 goals in 34 games during the 2017-18 season. Instead of being rewarded for a stellar season, Icardi joined the unenviable list of World Cup snubs. 

The Twitter Handles You Must Follow This World Cup — And 5 To Stay Away From

The World Cup is a global phenomenon, with almost the entire world paying attention to the beautiful game at some point over the month-long tournament. This is especially true on social media — the last World Cup final set a record for tweets per minute. So if you want to get involved, you need to know what Twitter handles to follow for the World Cup. 

Who Will Be The Breakout Star Of The World Cup?

With the World Cup nearly upon us, everyone is making their bold predictions about who is going to win it all, which country will flop and who will win the golden boot