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Meet Callum Hudson-Odoi, The 17-Year-Old Who Might Be Just What Chelsea Needs

Last September, we showed you a video Callum Hudson-Odoi doing some neat tricks and skills with a ball. Then 16, we said he was primed to be the next Chelsea star.

Now 17, the London native is again showing why he can be the next Chelsea star — only this time it’s not on a rainy practice pitch with no defenders around him, it’s against some of the biggest clubs in the world.

There Are More Muslim Football Players In Europe’s Top Leagues Than You Might Realize

Football is the world’s game, the beautiful game. Whether you call it football or soccer, it is the most egalitarian sport in the world, one that doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, black or white, male or female, straight or gay or anywhere on the spectrum of these categories. So it should be of no surprise there are plenty of Muslim football players all over the world.

One’s personal beliefs have no effect on how one plays the game of football. Likewise, fans should never discriminate players based on his or her religious beliefs. 

How Does Ref Decide When To End Soccer Match?

If you’re one of the thousands that’s typed “How does ref decide when to end soccer match” into Google, don’t worry, you’re in fine company. One former manager who's probably completed that inquiry himself is the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson. His famous quip regarding how refs decide to end the match is that the refs have absolutely no clue. 

How Fast Is Raheem Sterling? The Numbers Behind The Man City Forward’s Blistering Pace

How fast is Raheem Sterling? Sterling has one of the more inimitable running styles in the game. It’s definitely a unique stride, so much so that it’s been captured in the FIFA 18 video game and replicated by Eden Hazard during warmups. However, as Pep Guardiola realized at Manchester City, deployed on the right wing of the attack, it’s absolutely devastating. 

Watching Champions League Won’t Be Cheap This Year (In The U.S.)

Turner Broadcasting announced the pricing options for its new streaming service, which will be the primary avenue to watch the Champions League in the U.S. Unfortunately, the Bleacher Report Live cost is not cheap.

Why We Love Soccer: Why It’s The Best Sport And How It Came To Be So

It can be hard, being a soccer fan in the United States. It’s the land of the free — freedom to watch countless different sporting events of varying quality. Just the other day cornhole (yes, the lawn game mainly played at tailgates) was on ESPN. So with all the options available, it’s important to remember why soccer is the best sport. 

Or, at least, why we love soccer. 

Why Soccer Didn’t Catch On In The World’s Most Populous Nations

Ever wondered why soccer failed to catch on in the United States and the other most populated countries in the world? This video from the brain4breakfast YouTube channel does a brilliant job of explaining why.

How Premier League Works: A Guide For Everyone (2018-2019 Edition)

The English Premier League is the richest soccer league in the world. Only the NFL in the U.S. can compare to the EPL in revenue, though the latter has a larger global audience. Millions of fans around the world watch every week as some of the best soccer clubs in the world battle for supremacy. Whether you’re a new fan after the 2018 World Cup or you’ve been watching since the league’s inception, if you want to know how Premier League works, you’ve come to the right place.

History Behind The #MeTwo Movement Sparked By Mesut Özil

It’s not quite the #MeToo movement, nor is it a Pokémon. But the #MeTwo movement in part inspired by Mesut Özil is evolving into something quite powerful, something that’s been building for decades. 

How Many Players On A Soccer Field: A History

Soccer has a pretty extensive history, dating back to the original rules cobbled together in 1863. One would expect the basics to have always been the same, but the rule on how many players on a soccer field at any given time hasn’t always been set in stone.