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20 Years Later, U-17 USMNT Roster Has Potential To Surpass Storied 1999 Squad

In 1999, the USMNT was coming off a miserable showing at the 1998 World Cup in which it finished dead last. It was a dark time for U.S. soccer fans, but the following year showed reason for hope with the performance from a bunch of then-unknown kids on the U-17 USMNT at the U-17 World Cup in New Zealand.

Now the USMNT is again coming off a miserable couple of years having failed to qualify at all for the 2018 World Cup, and 20 years later the U-17 USMNT might give fans a reason to believe the country is heading in the right direction.

Five Things Parents Do That Annoy Every Youth Soccer Coach

Coaching soccer can be quite fun.

I know this because I am a soccer coach. It’s especially rewarding when players, especially the younger ones, have that lightbulb moment where things start to click about what they’re supposed to be doing on the field and they do it well.

Feyenoord Youth Absolutely Hammers The Worm While Teammate Cartwheels And Backflips

A Dutch youth has hit the worm harder than anyone before him. 

I’ll be honest, my first great hope was that this b-boy was just really into 1980s funk subculture (and maybe he is), but I had to know one thing for sure, so I typed “Is the worm in Fortnite?” into Google. It’s with some sadness that I report the answer as yes, but the worm is still a huge improvement over the floss dance and whatever the hell Antoine Griezmann does. 

American Teen Ledezma Scores Audacious Chip To Complete Rally For PSV

Richard Ledezma might be the next big thing for U.S. Soccer — at least until Mexico swoops in and steals him for their own. Until then, we’ll placate ourselves with some Richard Ledezma highlights, particularly the second of two goals he scored on Friday.

Is The Next Thierry Henry Coming Out Of The U.S.? MLS Thinks So

MLS youth academy coaching is about to get a serious revamp along with a fourth iteration of the visionary partnership between MLS and the French Football Federation (FFF).

The Best Fast Food To Eat Before A Game

It’s almost game time and your fridge is empty, your pantry barren and stomach grumbling. You gotta eat something fast, but you don’t have anything in your house. What do you do? Ideally, you’re not stupid enough to let this happen, but we get it, sometimes you just forget. In that case, we’ve got just the list for you: the best fast food to eat before a soccer match.

We at The18 have done our due diligence to find the best fast-food items to eat before a game, taking into account price, taste and how you’ll feel after, with a little effort toward trying to eat healthily. 

The Best Soccer Pre-Game Pump Up Songs Out There Right Now (Fall 2019)

Warning: It’s come to my attention that this goes hard, but that’s how three points are earned, right? With distorted basslines and hi-hats. So with the coming of a new fall season comes a new playlist to break the bricks off the locker room walls. This is the best soccer music playlist out there (according to me). Here’s the full track list and the Spotify playlist comes after that.

In Most Frightening Cross-Promotion Yet, English FA Links With Pokémon

The English FA, apparently desperate to relate to young people, has partnered with Pokémon in an effort to promote futsal in the country.

The three-year deal will see the Pokémon Company International support the National Futsal Programme, for reasons we still can’t quite ascertain.

A Look Inside 10 Of The World’s Most Expensive Training Grounds

Perhaps beginning with AC Milan’s historic Centro Sportivo Milanello and continuing to this day in previously undreamt of places like Atlanta and Utah, training facilities for the world’s most prestigious clubs have grown in importance as the most ambitious of organizations attempt to align the best in first-team training, sports science and academy development with a physical representation of an overarching ideology. 

Think You Need To Touch The Ball To Score A Goal? Think Again

Scoring a goal is a beautiful thing, as is clearing one off the goal-line from a defensive perspective. But scoring a goal 13 seconds into a match without even touching it? Well it doesn’t get much better than that. It sounds like some serious witchcraft was at play in the early moments of this game. The league should look into that.