Youth Soccer

Watch This Nightmare-Material Own Goal In UEFA Youth League

A great philosopher once said: “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days, everybody know what — what I’m talkin’ ‘bout, everybody gets that way.” These words ring no truer then for Ajax youth team goalkeeper Daan Reiziger.

In a quarterfinal match in the UEFA Youth League against FC Midtjylland, Reiziger and his team were in prime position to win. In the 74th minute Reiziger’s team led 2-0 and all he had to do was not make a massive mistake to let Midtjylland back in the game.

Reflections From A Soccer Coach During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The sun shines down on another day of soccer practice in suburban America. The heat reflects off the turf, making the late afternoon air a bit sultry but bearable. For a few brief minutes I forget about the global pandemic as I pepper the goalkeepers with low, hard shots.

This will be the second season as the goalkeeper coach for my former high school team, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. During a difficult year, coaching soccer this fall is something I have eagerly looked forward to. 

NCAA D-I Expected To Cancel Fall 2020 Season

There has been no word from the NCAA itself on whether or not all fall sports will be postponed, but NCAA D-II and D-III decided to cancel the fall championships on Wednesday, Aug. 5. This decision left many people puzzled: What would players be competing for if not for championships?

Rodrygo Was Almost Certainly The Greatest Youth Futsal Player Of All-Time

The fastest LaLiga debut goal for Real Madrid since Ronaldo (and a brilliant one at that). A hat-trick on his second Champions League appearance. That ridiculous outside-of-the-foot volley against Club Brugge.

Goalie Struck By Lightning Returns To Pitch

MOSCOW — When 16-year-old goalkeeper Ivan Zaborovsky was rushed to hospital after being struck by lighting during a warmup, few thought he would survive.

Footage from the Moscow stadium where his youth team, FC Znamya Truda, were training on July 4 showed a lightning bolt ripping through a gloomy sky and landing directly on Zaborovsky, who crashed onto the ground unconscious.

The Things We All Remember About Playing Soccer Growing Up

Football is a game to which we all can relate. In fact, most of us grew up playing the beautiful game. If that was you, or if you were a parent, you might remember some of these things from youth soccer.

Soccer Memories We All Have

The parent tunnels. No matter how the game ended, parents line up and create these glorious tunnels. As a player, those tunnels made you feel invincible. That was the quickest you’ve ever run. As a parent, … well tunnels probably weren’t your favorite. And if they were, congrats, you were probably team mom.

Is It Safe To Play Youth Soccer Right Now?

With fall quickly approaching, schools and colleges aren’t the only organizations trying to figure out if and when it’s appropriate for young people to return to normal activities amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic. Soccer clubs across the country are asking themselves, is it safe to play youth soccer right now?

States around the country began opening up from lockdown over the last month or two, only to see huge spikes in cases of Covid-19 across the country, especially in southern states like Texas, Florida and Arizona, a few of the hotbeds for youth soccer in America. 

To The Bone — A Scary Youth Soccer Story

I remember my first out-of-town soccer tournament like it was eight years ago … . I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn for my parents to drive me two hours to the wonderful desert wasteland of Pueblo, Colorado. I’m sorry if you live there, the green chile is great but that’s about it.

The Porta-Potty: A Youth Soccer Horror Story

One of the most difficult decisions to make the day of a youth soccer game is what to eat before game time. The late-afternoon games are the worst because enough day goes by that you either starve during the day or eat something and end up getting cramps during the game. I was faced with this brutal conundrum once and it still haunts me to this day. 

Teenage Goalkeeper To Recover After Video Shows Him Being Struck By Lightning

A 16-year-old goalkeeper in Russia’s third tier is lucky to be alive after being struck by lightning during a training session on July 4. 

Ivan Zakborovsky can be seen in a video preparing to take a shot on goal while his teammates trained on the near touchline. Right before taking the shot a bolt of lightning struck Zakborovsky. His team, Znamya Truda, tweeted a video of the incident and an update on his condition.