Youth Soccer

If The U.S. Is Ever Going To Have Soccer Success, We Need To Be More Like Iceland

The USSF has launched its bio-banding initiative. The search for the American Messi is buoyed by widespread support for an increased scouting budget. And despite the U.S. team's absence this summer, World Cup fever will clear sporting goods stores of adidas Predators as surely as Brood X cicadas will reemerge in 2021. 

Young Lad Scores Brilliant Goal, Hot Favourite For Puskas Award

We all dream of scoring that wonder goal during a soccer game, whether it be just in a park or in an actual match. However, most of us fail miserably at that. We trip over our own feet, the shot goes flying into row Z or some other complete fail. 

While we all keep trying for that goal that we can tell our grandkids, this young superstar is actually scoring that goal. A few dummies, a stepover and two beautiful roulettes puts the kid right through on goal, and then finishes it all off with an unsaveable shot into the roof of the net. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, eat your heart out. 

Our Facebook Audience Should Be U.S. Soccer President

Last week, U.S. Soccer announced its first youth initiative since the USMNT’s World Cup failure. Bio-banding was presented as a new way to encourage technical development in youth players big and small. It was an idea put forth by the U.S. Soccer High Performance Department. But it turns out, U.S. Soccer should have just asked Facebook, because scores of our readers responded and apparently every single one of them knows exactly how to fix U.S. soccer. 

This Little Kid Mimics Cristiano Ronaldo's Celebration Stance Perfectly

Imitation is a common behavior amongst young children which aids and encourages their cognitive development, and also, well it's nothing short of “cute!"

Man Utd’s Academy Features A Humbling Image Of Messi Cleaning His Own Boots

According to a recent article from Henry Winter in The Times, Manchester United’s academy dressing room proudly displays an image of Lionel Messi cleaning his own boots following a 2016 friendly between Argentina and Croatia at the old Boleyn Ground in London. 

Here's the aformentioned image.