Youth Soccer

Soccer Parents Gone Wild Are Changing How Youth Soccer Can Be Viewed In Many Places

In today’s youth sports, there exists a certain type of parent, the parent we know all too well. The asshole parent. Soccer parents gone wild. 

The asshole parent comes in three varieties. The raging critic, whose sole objective is to criticize his or her child until he or she runs off the field in tears. The argumentative screamer, spewing insults at the other team. And finally there's the hostile screamer, provoking brawls with anyone on the opposing side, whether parent or coach.

3 Stars Of Barcelona’s 2018 UEFA Youth League Triumph

Barcelona won its second UEFA Youth League title in five years after defeating Chelsea 3-0 on Monday. A brace from 17-year-old forward Alejandro Marques put Barca up two by the 51st minute, and the prolific Carles Perez, 20, registered his eighth goal in nine matches to put the finishing touches on the triumph. 

Knee Injuries Are Soccer’s Worst Epidemic, But What’s The Solution?

We know you’ve been trying to bend it like Beckham (too old?). We’ve seen you working on those mad skills, but what we haven’t seen is you caring for your knees. This word might be new to those who like to live on the edge, so let’s define it first: a knee is the part joining your thighs to your legs — it’s the round and fragile medium that looks like the back of Uncle Fester’s neck. Please moisturize. 

Kids Born In These Months Are More Likely To Become Pro Footballers

Do you think that a footballer’s birthday is important? Guess what, it is! The calendar month and year that a soccer player is born in may have a lot to do with whether or not they become a star someday. Here’s what developmental child psychologists have pieced together for us soccer-fact-crazed fanatics.

Youth Team Gets Blasted By A Rogue Sprinkler, Triggering Chaos

Here it is, the most fitting visual representation of Monday you’ll ever find. Friday was all smiles, cheers and waves (especially if you just touched down in Nashville to celebrate a bachelor party), and then Monday violently appeared only moments later — blasting you in the face with a jet stream of tepid sewage water. 

You were lost in the sauce, but now it’s time to wake up and reap what’ve you’ve sown. Monday's coming in hot.