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FIFA Announces New Strategy For Women’s Soccer And The Hidden Message Isn’t Surprising

FIFA launched its first-ever global strategy for women's soccer on Tuesday. It outlined three objectives for the game and five strategies to reach those goals. Hidden in each is the real reason FIFA is putting an emphasis on women's soccer.

We applaud any effort on the part of FIFA to grow the women’s game. It’s much needed from an organization that for years was run by a man whose only idea for increasing interest in women's soccer was to have the participants wear shorter, tighter pants. 

Player Scores Insane Backflip Penalty Cause Why Not

During a Russian National Student League match between Rubin Kazan and Cheboksary, Kazan’s Norik Avdalyan blatantly ripped off a penalty technique that I invented. Inspired by Columbine’s Dylan Prichett-Ettner, I’ve been working on incorporating flipping into my every action on the pitch in a painstaking process that, up until this point, I’ve wholeheartedly trusted in.

Mexico Wins U-17 Four Nations Tournament After Downing Argentina 2-0

As was detailed in a recent piece by Kevin Baxter in the Los Angeles Times, Mexico’s senior side is in the midst of a massive transition after the 2018 World Cup squad featured nine players who were at least 30 years of age. 

16-Year-Old Efrain Alvarez Scored Another Golazo — This Time For Mexico U-17 Squad

Efrain Alvarez is no stranger to this space. Earlier this year we called him the most exciting MLS prospect ever. The 16-year-old Los Angeles native has scored some absolute worldies playing for LA Galaxy II in the USL. Alvarez is now scoring golazos for the Mexico U-17 team.

3 Reasons Why U.S. Men's Soccer Can't Compete With The World’s Best

Failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup was hard to digest, very hard, so our hot soccer-blooded hearts make us feel that everything is wrong, and our soccer is the worst. That’s just the heat of the moment; truth is that U.S. soccer is pretty good, and it has gotten better and better over the last couple of decades.

How Do Soccer Players Train? Here Are Some Helpful Videos To Get You Started

To be a professional athlete, it takes a lot more than just talent. Obviously talent is a big help, but it will only take you so far. This is where training becomes vitally important. Footballers train for hours a day both on the field and in the gym. But how do soccer players train?

It can differ between clubs, but across almost all clubs there are some consistent themes. Players will do plenty of training exercises on the field to begin a session. It could be working out a pattern of play before a game, working on set-pieces, doing a shooting drill or a small-sided game.