Youth Soccer

This Youth Goalie Made A Great Penalty Save. Sort Of...

Look, this happened in a U-14 game, which puts us squarely on the fence between feeling bad for a child making a mistake and laughing at him for not knowing the rules for penalty shootouts.

So, your choices for reactions are: that cocky little bastard got what he deserved, or someone give that kid a hug and a teddy bear.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

The US Just Beat Germany For The First Time Ever On German Soil

Ok, seriously guys, what is happening with the world? The United States was not supposed to be this good, this quickly. Jurgen Klinsmann wasn’t supposed to be finding kids practically off the street — or Straße, in this case — and turn them into world beaters. We shouldn’t have been up 2-1 at any point against Portugal in the World Cup. We shouldn’t have pulled off that ridiculous comeback against the Dutch last Friday.

Is Headgear In Soccer A Brilliant Safety Measure Or A Dangerous Buffer?

Fabric bands have slowly arrived on the heads of young and injured soccer players. Other than keeping those waving locks in place, are these bands any good at protecting your brain after you’ve had it rung?