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Alvaro Morata Is A 22-Year-Old Striker Whose Next Goal Could Make Him A Legend

Who is Alvaro Morata? Well, soon he could be a legend. In only his second season with Juventus, the 22-year-old Spanish striker has already carved his name into Juventus’ record books.

He netted his fifth goal in five consecutive Champions League matches for Juventus, tying the record set by legendary striker Alessandro Del Piero in 1995-96.

David Beckham’s Son Doubted Himself On The Field. So Beckham Used This Advice To Inspire Belief.

If you haven’t watched a single minute of soccer in your life, you still know who David Beckham is – even if you don't know who David Beckham's son is. That’s the status he has raised himself to, and it was his career in soccer that allowed him to reach it.

UEFA Youth League Explained: The Future Of European Soccer

It was without a doubt a big week for soccer fans all around the world, with the UEFA Champions League kicking off its campaign. Millions of fans gathered to see their favorite team compete on the biggest club soccer stage in the world. And while Messi, Ronaldo, and Co. are working hard to lift the trophy at the end of the campaign, another UEFA tournament kicked off simultaneously.

Juventus’ Manager Said One Brilliant Thing To Help Paul Pogba Become The Leader Juve Needs

This article was written at a time when Paul Pogba and Juventus were struggling. Those struggles got worse before they got better, but Juve have now won 15 straight Serie A games, find themselves in first place, and Pogba is playing with all of the confidence and leadership one could hope for. This article sheds some light on how Pogba got out of an unencouraging start to the season with some help from his manager, Massimiliano Allegri.

No One Gets More Happy About Scoring An Amazing Goal Than This 11-Year-Old.

So, it turns out that when Barcelona isn’t kicking out it’s youth prospects because of it’s shady dealings, those youth prospects have an absolute blast playing soccer. And who wouldn’t when, at the age of 11, you can already do cooler s*** on the pitch than the vast majority of the world? 

Watch This 11-Year-Old Juggle A Soccer Ball While Solving A Rubik's Cube

We have never seen anything quite like this. The concentration involved in this video of a boy juggling a soccer ball while solving a Rubik's cube is simply staggering. 

And here we are having trouble patting our heads and rubbing our stomachs at the same time.

Seriously, someone give this kid a job. If he has the powers of concentration to do what he does in this video, he can surely revive America's stumbling economy or cure cancer or something. Child labor laws be damned, we are looking at the savior of humanity here. Or he's just a kid who can do a cool trick.

Why Having 5 Players On FC Porto Is Exactly What The Mexican National Team Needs

The warm and salty air of Porto, Portugal welcomes travelers to one of the country's oldest cities. The city, located right next to the North Atlantic Ocean, is home to the Primeira club F.C. Porto. The Dragoes, as they are known, are one of Portugals most well-known soccer clubs. The club’s players and fans are always fighting tooth and nail for the Primeira championship against S.C. Benfica, one of their bitter rivals and the other character in the O’Classico derby.

Real Madrid Dropped Him Because He Got Too Fat, And His Response On Twitter Made Everything Worse.

Apparently, a young Finnish striker named Eero Markkanen was released by Real Madrid Castilla because he entered preseason camp 18 kg (40 lbs) heavier than he was last season.

40 lbs in gained weight is nothing so scoff at. That’s like a third or a fourth of a person that this guy tried to walk into camp with. I don’t care if he’s 6’ 5” and his nickname is “The Tank” — he is and it is — that’s ridiculous.

Markkanen responded to being let go on Twitter. 

Will This 18-Year-Old 50 Goal Scorer Save Real Madrid’s Attack?

La Liga started last weekend. It is a brand new 2015-16 season, but as Real Madrid played against Sporting Gijon it showed the same old problems of the preseason, and even the Carlo Ancelotti era: lack of goals.

You could say that the last great Real Madrid offensive show was in April 29, 2014 against Bayern Munich in the Champions League semifinal. Madrid scored four times against Bayern and eliminated them.

The Future Of The USMNT Lies In The Hands Of These Players. So How Have They Been Doing?

It seems with each passing game the USMNT acquires a new potential savior, the athletic, skilled player that will become a superstar and lead the U.S. to glory and cement America as a world power. Right now, fans are bandying about around five potential saviors, and we have uptades on all of them (except for maybe John Brooks, but whatever).

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