Youth Soccer

10-Year-Old Pietro Tomaselli Has Already Lit The Internet On Fire

Let's check in on our young friend Pietro Tomaselli, shall we?

The hype machine cranked up when Roma signed the then-nine years old Belgian prodigy (we are obligated as members of the media to refer to him as a "Belgian prodigy" at least once per article) and then it cranked even more when a video surfaced in September of Tomaselli enjoying a nice game of keepy-uppy.

One of those players is still with AS Roma. The other is Ashley Cole.

Three Friends Snuck Into Barcelona’s Practice And Had The Time Of Their Lives

Today, we take a look at three kids who broke the rules and had an absolutely amazing time because of it. Apparently these three boys snuck into Barcelona’s training ground (how they did it, we have no idea) and literally got to hang out with the entire Barcelona squad as if they were one of the boys. They will be talking about this for the rest of their lives. 

FC Barcelona To Open 20 Youth Academies In The US In Order To Find Next Messi

Barcelona is apparently extending its search for the next Messi deep into the United States, according to a statement made by the club

The club is has reached agreements to open several FCBEscolas across Japan and the United states, in cities like Orlando and Chicago. 

Per the team’s official site

Neymar Has Gone From Controversial Boy To World Beater In Just 7 Years

This month we celebrate the seven year anniversary of Neymar's debut in professional football for Santos FC, which happened when he was just 17. Since then Neymar has collected titles, individuals awards, and many other achievements the likes of which few could have imagined he would achieve. He is one of the kings of international football, and plays with players idolized all over the world.

Some People Think This Latvian 10-Year-Old Is The Next Messi

Kristaps Grabovskis is good at soccer. Like, really good. So good he's being compared to Messi by adults who should really know better at this point (including, now, us).

We can't seem to help it though. Every time we see a 10-year-old in a Youtube video who can dribble a soccer ball withoug falling down we run to anoint him the next Messi. Or some other legendary player, but it's nearly always Messi.

Manchester United Have Signed The "American Dani Alves"

Manchester United have signed the highly-rated American teenager Matthew Olosunde after he received international clearance to join up with the squad last week. Although the deal was finalized January 29, Manchester United did not announce it until Friday once the paperwork went through. 

18-Year-Old Takes 3 Minutes To Put Title-Contending Arsenal Back In Their Place

Hello darkness my old friend.

As an Arsenal fan, waking up at 4:00 a.m. on a Sunday for a sunrise hike with my roommate, only to run out of gas halfway to the trailhead, was a lot like getting home after said hike knowing that I had today’s Arsenal vs Manchester United game recorded, only to accidentally check my notifications and see two Marcus Rashford goals against Arsenal.

19-Year-Old Mexican Keeper Raúl Gudiño Made His First Start In Portugal

Raul Gudino, a 19-year-old Mexican goalkeeper, was handed his first start in the Portuguese Premeira Liga Friday in Medeira's 1-1 draw with Estoril.

Gudino comported himself well, from what we can tell from the numbers. There's always room for improvement, but this is a great start for a young player at a position where players don't traditionally peak until their late 20s/early 30s.

He Wore A Cowboy Hat And Scored 14 Goals. A Co-Ed League Banned Him For Having Fun

I haven’t played co-ed soccer since high school gym class. What I remember from it involves a lot of social and competitive awkwardness. I may or may not have been the kid that couldn’t figure out when it was “OK” to try hard in gym class and when you were an a**hole for doing so. I figured this out later in life, but clearly this Mr. Garruto got it from the get go. Which is incredibly ironic, because this Garruto guy got kicked out of a co-ed league.

The World Thought He Took A Dive. His Medical Staff Said Otherwise.

Who knew such controversy could come from a UEFA Youth League Match? So, here's what happened. On Wednesday, several media outlets (including us) published footage of David Ruiz Pascual with what looked like one of the dives of the century in a game between Celtic and Valencia. It turns out that the young lad injured his cruciate ligament while running for the ball, and that's why he fell over so dramatically. Take a look at it here: