Youth Soccer

This 9-Year-Old Plays Soccer Like We Play Video Games

Rayane Bounida is ridiculously good at soccer. It’s comical. He’s 9-years-old and makes you wonder if he is even aware of the level of embarrassment he puts defenders through on what seems to be a daily basis. Honestly if someone told me that this kid jumps out of bed in the moring and nutmegs his teddy bear I would believe them. He’s the most amazing youth soccer player I’ve ever seen.

FIFA Golden Boy Shortlist Shows England Are Set To Dominate Europe For The Foreseeable Future

The FIFA Golden Boy award shortlist was announced and, surprisingly, it foretells of a European continent dominated by England, Belgium and, more traditionally, Spain.

With a whopping five nominations from each of these countries - the award is given to the U-21 player who displays the highest footballing prowess - the tides appear to be turning in Europe.   

16-Year-Old Arsenal Phenom Scores First Goal. And It's A Beauty.

Vlad Dragomir arrived at Arsenal in June, signed from ACS Poli Timisoara in Romania for £71,000 ($107,000). The 16-year-old Arsenal phenom was largely an unknown at the time, a central midfielder who liked to get forward on the ball and whom Wenger thought had a bright future. The only other thing we could tell was that young Vlad was a fan of posting copious selfies to his Instagram account (to be fair, what 16-year-old isn't).

Martin Ødegaard: Real Madrid’s Fastest Rising Star

July 14, 2012 marked the first-team debut of a 13-year-old kid from Drammen, Norway. Since then, the world has been witness to the record-breaking career of one of soccer’s fastest rising stars: Martin Ødegaard.

Two Of Japan’s Best Faced Off Against 55 kids. It Still Wasn’t Remotely Fair

When you are a kid, it’s easy to get caught up in your own fantasies. You can day dream about having superpowers, find a cool looking rock and think that it has magical properties, see something totally explainable but think you’ve just witness a miracle. There are no ground rules when it comes to interpreting situations as a kid, and the situation in which these 55 kids were placed in 2013 was ridiculous to begin with. How would you react if you were seemingly between the ages of 7 and 10, and had to face two professional athletes? In soccer kids fail sometimes, but this a unheard of.

Can Youth Soccer In The USA Be Fixed?

It's obvious that the overall development of USA youth soccer is critical to ever seriously be a men's World Cup contender.

If American soccer clubs continue to focus on team training in age group sessions, plus focus on excellence in speed and agility work and functional training, players can reach their maximum potential. This needs to be done on a comprehensive basis.

It appears this is the case, as a sampling of recent All-American prep players would indicate. 

Unión Esportiva Cornellá: The Best Players To Come From Barcelona’s Other Academy

Unless you are a diehard fan of Spanish football, you may not have even heard of Unión Esportiva Cornellá (or UE Cornellá as they are more commonly known). This small team from Catalonia was founded in 1951 and plies its trade in Group 3 of the Segunda División B, which represents the third tier of Spanish football.

Amazing La Masia Goal

Want to feel bad about yourself? Watch this amazing La Masia goal that will leave you wondering why your soccer skills are so futile. These two kids literally just dystroyed an entire defense, and it looked effortless. Lets break it down:

Watch Two 11-Year-Old Friends From Barcelona Destroy Everybody

Barcelona’s La Masia seems like an unstoppable, unending flow of talent, and this La Masia goal seems to reinforce that. 

The famed academy recently was forced to release several of its players, but that doesn’t seem to have made any difference in the slightest, because the goals are still flowing and the talent is still high-five-ing.  

Behold, the La Masia goal of the week, courtesy of the Alevin A (U12) squad.