Youth Soccer

The Hope Of U.S. Soccer Rides On The Shoulders Of Star Player Gedion Zelalem. And You.

Gedion Zelalem could either be the next Landon Donovan, or the next Freddy Adu. Here is what fans of the USMNT have to do in order to protect this star player.

Zidane Has A 12-Year-Old Son. And He Scores Goals Exactly Like His Dad.

Theo Zidane, the son of Zinedine Zidane, is following in his father's footsteps in more ways than one. Theo doesn’t just play for Real Madrid like his father, he scores goals like him, too. 

Theo played for the Real Madrid U12s this past Sunday during a 3-0 win over Espanyol, and the goal he scored is easily - ok, no, down right scarily similar to one his father scored back in his day. Just take a look. Here is Theo’s goal:

The Best Baby Footballers In The World Star In This Commercial

Ok, so we'll admit, for the first few seconds of this video our jaws nearly hit the floor. The effects are good enough that for a moment we thought we were laying eyes on the next Messi, Neymar, Zlatan, Bale, [insert other world famous footballer here].

It then dawned on us that we'd been had by a clever, and not even new, commercial from Canon Canada that someone just re-posted to Vine. Instead of feeling had, however, we simply watched it a couple times more and enjoyed it for what it is: a great fake, kind of like the talking E-Trade baby but not nearly as creepy.

Two Children Kicked Out Of Stadium For Celebrating A Goal

We understand that soccer is a game of passion. Fans are prone to celebrating every goal as if it were the best they’ve ever seen - and to mourning every loss as if it were a harbinger of death. With such a wide range of emotions, disagreements and fights are bound to happen. 

In preventing such brawls from occurring, it has to be said that soccer stadiums around the world are following the right protocol: keep the home and away fans seperate. It’s simple and effective. 

Parents Dressed In Tribal Garb Embarrass Star Player

As children growing up, who didn't think, “Do our parents deliberately try to embarrass us?” Or, perhaps infinitely more importantly, “Is there some sort of unspoken competition between the parents of the world to see who can embarrass their children the most thoroughly?”

Well, if that damnable league does exist, we would like to introduce you to its perennial champions: Mr. and Mrs. Sisto.