Youth Soccer

Unbelievable 55-Yard Screamer From Kickoff Wins Minnesota State Title In Double Overtime

We’re going to be real here: Unless you live in Minnesota and are tuned in to the youth soccer scene, you probably don’t pay any attention to Minnesota high school soccer.

Fortunately, we here at The18 have eyes on every soccer game everywhere (seriously, when you’re playing your little brother in the back yard, we’re watching; it’s creepy). 

So today we get to bring you a stunning highlight from the Minnesota high school soccer Class A championship game — and with good reason.

Most Annoying Types Of Players In Youth Soccer

Soccer stereotypes come in many varieties. Chances are, you’ve seen a few. 

Anyone who grows up playing soccer likely faces off against hundreds, if not thousands, of different players over the years. Most were nondescript, players you forgot about as soon as the match was over. Others have stuck with you, annoying you still to this day.

Here are the most annoying soccer stereotypes that you hate playing against or with, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, rec/intramurals or seriously club soccer. 

Photos Suggest Mail Bomb Suspect Has Weird Obsession With Youth Soccer

This past week has been a scary one in the United States. Multiple terrorist attacks were foiled as a number of bombs were sent in the mail targeting former presidents, politicians, actors and philanthropists. Now that the suspect is in custody, the world is learning more about Cesar Sayoc Jr., the man who authorities think carried out these attempted domestic terrorist attacks. 

And he’s got some interesting quirks regarding soccer.

Cops Called After Parents Make Racist Comments Toward Hispanic Players In JV Soccer Match

Anyone who has spent any amount of time around high school athletics knows the worst part is often the parents. Whether it’s putting too much pressure on the kids or yelling at the refs, they can make a fun game turn into a nightmare for all involved.

Horrible soccer parents were on full display this week during a junior varsity high school match in New Jersey. Hispanic players for Trenton Central High School were the targets of racist comments.

Rare Footage Shows Young Mauro Icardi Doing What He Does Best For Barcelona

A meeting between Inter Milan and Barcelona at the Camp Nou will always conjure images of Jose Mourinho celebrating his tactical masterclass by storming the pitch at the final whistle, but for one Inter player, Wednesday’s tilt will serve as an unlikely reminder of things past — it's Mauro Icardi’s “homecoming.” 

Real Madrid’s Brazilian Phenoms Combine For Outrageous U-20 Goal

We got our first real glimpse of 18-year-old Real Madrid phenom Vinícius Júnior during Real Madrid’s shock 1-0 defeat to Alaves on Oct. 6, but that appearance (his second for the senior side) was still just a 10-minute cameo.