Youth Soccer

Is It Safe To Play Youth Soccer Right Now?

With fall quickly approaching, schools and colleges aren’t the only organizations trying to figure out if and when it’s appropriate for young people to return to normal activities amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic. Soccer clubs across the country are asking themselves, is it safe to play youth soccer right now?

States around the country began opening up from lockdown over the last month or two, only to see huge spikes in cases of Covid-19 across the country, especially in southern states like Texas, Florida and Arizona, a few of the hotbeds for youth soccer in America. 

The Porta-Potty: A Youth Soccer Horror Story

One of the most difficult decisions to make the day of a youth soccer game is what to eat before game time. The late-afternoon games are the worst because enough day goes by that you either starve during the day or eat something and end up getting cramps during the game. I was faced with this brutal conundrum once and it still haunts me to this day. 

Teenage Goalkeeper To Recover After Video Shows Him Being Struck By Lightning

A 16-year-old goalkeeper in Russia’s third tier is lucky to be alive after being struck by lightning during a training session on July 4. 

Ivan Zakborovsky can be seen in a video preparing to take a shot on goal while his teammates trained on the near touchline. Right before taking the shot a bolt of lightning struck Zakborovsky. His team, Znamya Truda, tweeted a video of the incident and an update on his condition.

Argentina Turns To ‘Metegol Humano’ For Football Under Social Distancing

Soccer-mad Argentines in the country's farm belt city of Pergamino have devised a clever way to keep playing while avoiding risk of spreading COVID-19: a human foosball pitch with zones for each player to avoid physical contact.

The innovative approach has captured the imagination in the South American nation famed for producing soccer legends Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona, even as the country has seen cases of the novel coronavirus spike in recent weeks.

Why Soccer Dads Are Actually Worse Than Soccer Moms

When someone mentions "youth soccer in the U.S." the first thing that comes to mind isn’t the game, it’s not the coaching, it’s not even the actual kids. No, what comes to mind is something far worse: soccer moms. 

She’s got the mom jeans, a minivan packed full of kids and that oh-so-lovely Karen haircut. You know the one, it’s like a lady bowl cut.

And if you’ve ever been a referee for youth soccer, you know that soccer moms go absolutely ballistic over anything they don’t agree with. But even in all of her motherly glory, there's one thing worse than she… the soccer dad.

Five Telltale Signs You Fit The Soccer Mom Stereotype

Soccer moms are one of the biggest clichés in the youth sporting world. We all know a Karen that is extremely over the top about her child becoming the next Alex Morgan or Lionel Messi. There are several other dead giveaways that reveal a true soccer mom. Here are five signs that you fit the soccer mom stereotypes.

Five Soccer Mom Stereotypes: Signs That You’re A Soccer Mom

1. Half of your gas money is spent on driving your kid to practice and games

The Obvious Giveaways That You Might Be A Goalkeeper

Everyone knows that goalkeepers are a quirky bunch, heck you have to be a bit nuts to actually enjoy facing flying projectiles hit with excessive force. Being a keeper entails toeing the line between being eccentric and being flat-out crazy. Below are some of the strongest indications that you might be a goalkeeper.

Signs You Might Be A Goalkeeper...

You are very particular about the type of surface you play on

Everything Your Child Needs To Begin Playing Soccer Again

It has been almost four months since youth sports have been allowed to play. As most people have been trapped inside they may be suffering from quarantine brain. The world is beginning to open up and youth sports will be back soon, and you might have forgotten what your kids may need for soccer practice. So instead of forgetting your kids' cleats or shin guards when you arrive at the field, here’s a basic list of all practice necessities and different places to purchase new gear.