Jose Mourinho

Man City’s Absurd 42-Pass Team Goal Ensures That Manchester Is Blue

Manchester City achieved what Juventus could not on Sunday, burying Manchester United when another Jose Mourinho smash and grab threatened. Sumptuous goals from David Silva and Sergio Aguero had given City a 2-0 lead, but a needless foul by Ederson on Romelu Lukaku allowed Anthony Martial to halve the deficit in the 58th minute.

Marcus Rashford Waited 13.8 Billion Years Before Firing Home Winner For Man U

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford saw the entire history of the universe pass by as he waited to take his chance against Bournemouth on Saturday. 

When Paul Pogba danced around on the left wing to send in a cross to Rashford in the 92nd minute, the universe had yet to be created. 

As Rashford sized up the cross and hung in the air, the Big Bang exploded the universe into being and gravity, strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions hadn’t even formed 13.8 billion years ago.

Chelsea-Man U Dissolves Into Hysterical Childishness In 97th Minute

We should be used to this by now, but for some reason it still comes as a surprise.

Another big match involving Jose Mourinho became all about the Portuguese manager, despite an enthralling Chelsea-Manchester United match in the first 96 minutes on Saturday at Stamford Bridge. 

Jose Mourinho’s Days Surely Numbered As West Ham Crushes Man U 3-1

How much longer can this go on?

Surely the Glazers are asking themselves this very question as they’ve now watched Manchester United stoop to its joint worst ever start to a Premier League season just days after losing to a Championship side in the League Cup. 

The Red Devils Are On A Highway To Hell

The Red Devils are on a highway to hell. At the end of the summer, Paul Pogba — back as a World Cup Winner — was eager to perform the way he did for France. But neither he nor Manchester United have been playing with the caliber they know they can. They're currently seventh in the Premier League (having only won three of six games). They drew with Wolves on Saturday. They lost to Derby in the League Cup yesterday, getting knocked out in the third round for the first time since 2007.

Tense Training Ground Footage Reveals Just How Bad Things Are Between Mourinho And Pogba

Forget MTV or TMZ, one need not look further than this Pogba Mourinho stuff at Old Trafford for some of the most eye-popping, high-profile drama of 2018.

There has been trouble abound in paradise for England’s most storied club in recent weeks as the Red Devils have stumbled early on in the season with a less-than-stellar start in domestic play, a manager who is feeling the pressure and discontent in the locker room.

Paul Pogba Scores Golazo And Jose Mourinho Doesn’t Even Care

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho hasn’t always seen eye to eye with his most expensive player, Paul Pogba — of this, there is no secret.

Mourinho has benched the Frenchman in the past and transfer rumors swirled around the powerhouse midfielder before the close of the summer window. 

Pogba is still arguably the best player Manchester United has, so Mourinho is a bit stuck with him for now. But that doesn’t mean he has to enjoy it.

Pep Guardiola Gets Upset With Players And Cancels Day Off After 3-0 Win

Manchester City did not sweat a lot to destroy Fulham 3-0 on Saturday. It was an easy ride with the sunroof open for every fan at the Etihad stadium, as the team was leading 1-0 (Leroy Sané) by the second minute and bombing Fulham’s 18-yard box the rest of the game.