English Fans Hold Mock Funeral Procession For Their Beloved Club

Charlton Athletic, once a proud Premier League team, are in a lot of trouble. The club is hideously in debt and, despite a slight upturn in form, they are still five points away from sliding down into League 1. Many fans blame their recent troubles on Belgian owner Roland Duchatele and controversial CEO Katrien Miere. So, this past weekend the fans took to the street in a unique way. 

Lionel Messi Is So Close To Breaking A Record That Has Stood For 20 Years

We wouldn't blame you for thinking that Lionel Messi has broken every record worth breaking at Barcelona. He has smashed a lot of them. Most goals for Barcelona in La Liga, most goals for Barcelona in the Champions League, most goals in a calendar year and so on and so forth. 

Death Threats Forced Them To Pretend To Be Boys Just To Play Soccer...That Didn't Stop Them

It's International Women's Day and Danish sportswear brand Hummel has celebrated it by releasing the new Afghanistan national soccer team kit. The Afghanistan women's team kits feature a built-in hijab allowing female players to follow Islamic custom without having to don a regular scarf, which would often be difficult whilst playing in hot environments. 

10 Things You Didn't Know About South America's Biggest Tournament

With incredible numbers in terms of goals, broadcast rights, attendance and international popularity, the Copa Libertadores has conquered its place in the world of soccer. It is the most important soccer tournament and the greatest club competition in South America.

Goalkeepers Should Celebrate This New Rule Change

It's called the triple punishment. When a goalkeeper or defender brings down an attacking player in the box, and is punished with a red card, a penalty, and a ban for denying a clear goalscoring opportunity. It has been a subject of debate for a long time, with most thinking that the law is overly harsh especially in cases where the defending player is genuinely going for the ball.

It appears that the International Football Association Board, or IFAB, has listened and that is all about to change this summer.

Adam Johnson Found Guilty In Child Sex Case, Victim Felt "Broken"

Former footballer Adam Johnson was found guilty of one charge of sexual touching involving a child, a 15-year-old Sunderland supporter. Johnson is tentatively looking at four to 10 years of jail time (with a maximum of 14 years).

A statement from the victim read:

“From the very beginning of all of this I always doubted that people would believe me.

Great Keepers Look At Two Things In Order To Save Penalty Kicks

If you are a soccer fan, the odds are that, at some point, you’ve heard someone say, “saving penalties is a lottery.” But, is it really?

Wilfredo Caballero saved three shots from the mark last weekend, giving Manchester City the Capital One Cup title in a shootout, was that luck, or is there a science behind stopping penalty kicks?

You can bet there is.

First of all, let’s think back in history. Many goalkeepers have made a name for themselves as specialists in stopping penalties.

Bilbao Won The Copa Del Rey...Without Playing A Single Minute Of Football

Alright class, pay attention because this is about to become very confusing stupid. Athletic Bilbao won the 1904 Copa del Rey tournament. Still with us? Good. They also happened to win it without playing a single game [insert record scratch here]. Not a single one. Not even a five-a-side in the park.

Science Is On The Verge Of A Massive Discovery. Soccer Could’ve Helped.

US scientists are on the verge of announcing the discovery of gravitational waves, ripples in spacetime that Albert Einstein first predicted over 100 years ago. 

Laurie Cunningham: The Story Of Real Madrid’s First British Galactico

The second black player to represent England at any level and the first British player to transfer to Real Madrid, Laurie Cunningham was a footballing pioneer and a legend of his own time. His premature death at 33 years of age cut short the career of a player who “was as good as Cristiano Ronaldo” according to Spanish manager, and former Real teammate, Vincente del Bosque.