Science Is On The Verge Of A Massive Discovery. Soccer Could’ve Helped.

US scientists are on the verge of announcing the discovery of gravitational waves, ripples in spacetime that Albert Einstein first predicted over 100 years ago. 

Laurie Cunningham: The Story Of Real Madrid’s First British Galactico

The second black player to represent England at any level and the first British player to transfer to Real Madrid, Laurie Cunningham was a footballing pioneer and a legend of his own time. His premature death at 33 years of age cut short the career of a player who “was as good as Cristiano Ronaldo” according to Spanish manager, and former Real teammate, Vincente del Bosque. 

Andrey Arshavin Is Taking The Slow, Painful Way Out

Hey Arsenal fans. Remember Andrey Arshavin? The boyish Russian whose career imploded and collapsed faster than Howard Dean's presidential campaign? Well, things haven't gone so well for the one time Russian player of the year. 

Pope Francis Uses Soccer To Appeal For Peace

If you watched the Milan derby this past weekend, you may have seen this olive tree ceremony before the game.

Pope Francis

The Milan derby was the latest game to see the ceremony take place. Photo: @waatp | Twitter

Celebrity Fans: Which Team Does Kobe Bryant Support?

Basketball great, Kobe Bryant, is an avid soccer fan. Having grown up in Italy, Bryant played soccer everyday and became immersed in the culture during his time there. So, which team does Kobe Bryant support? Why, A.C. Milan of course.

Understand The Science Behind Messi’s Insane Curved Goals

Messi cannot break the laws of physics. As much as some of his fans love to say that he does, and as magical as his talent may seem, it is physically impossible for him to break the laws of physics. It is impossible for all of us, independent of some sort of incredible technology, to break the laws of physics. With a ball at his feet, Messi must obey the same laws as everyone else in the world. He just happens to be the best in the world at pushing those laws to their very limits. He can put the ball wherever he wants, curve it however he wants, but how does he do it?

Gary Neville And The Curse Of British Managers

Poor Gary Neville. The former Manchester United captain took over at Valencia in December, making him the 20th British manager to try his luck in Spain. He has yet to get a win after eight games. Remember, this is a side that finished 4th in La Liga last year, and boasts some considerable talent in Paco Alcacer, Alvaro Negredo and Sofiane Feghouli. They now sit in 11th, and haven't won since the 7th of November. The pressure is definitely starting to mount for the newest addition to the British Manager Abroad Club.

These 5 Rules Show 19th Century Soccer Was An Entirely Different Game

On the surface, soccer seems to be strikingly different from other sports such as American football and rugby, but 19th century soccer actually shared more in common with these sports than you might think. Here are five surprising traits from the early version of the game. 

1. You could catch the ball

Meet The Fan-Owned Club With A Better Record In Spain Than Real Madrid

Located on the Basque threshold, the range between the Cantabrian and Pyrenees mountains, is the historical port city of Bilbao and its corresponding club, Athletic Bilbao. An evolving service city that has experienced a massive boost in tourism thanks to the opening of the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum – a stunning museum of modern and contemporary art designed by Frank Gehry – Bilbao is a fascinating crossroads of deep-rooted history and progressive renewal.

Which Company Is Stopping Nike From Being #1 In Football?

While many soccer brands have been around since the early 1900s, jersey and individual player sponsorship slowly emerged in the mid-century. Iconic European companies like Umbro and Adidas were early player favorites but, in recent years, global behemoth Nike has set their sights on becoming the biggest brand in soccer. Last year, the American company put out one of the best soccer commercials which included some of the world’s most popular players like Ronaldo, Neymar and Rooney.