Top 25 All-Time Scorers In The Premier League

Ever wondered who the top scorers in EPL history are? We've collected the top 25 scorers, how many goals they scored and the teams they played for in the EPL.

1. Alan Shearer: 260 goals (Newcastle, Blackburn Rovers and Southampton)

2. Andy Cole: 188 goals (Arsenal, Fulham, Newcastle, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Nottingham Forest)

3. Wayne Rooney: 187 goals (Everton, Manchester United)

4. Frank Lampard: 176 goals (West Ham, Chelsea, Manchester City)

5. Thierry Henry 175 goals (Arsenal)

There Is A World Of Hardship, Obscurity And Blazing Passion Hidden In European Soccer

Millions of fans followed the starts of the Premier League and the Bundesliga, and millions more were excited for the season kick-off in Spain and Italy. Soccer season has started and fans are flocking to stadiums once more to see exciting, passionate, and thrilling games. But there is more to soccer than just the major professional leagues. With soccer probably being the most played sport in the world, it is no surprise that nearly every country, small or big, has their own league.

How Fast Is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Previously, we looked at how fast Lionel Messi is, but now we are turning our attention to his arch rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, and I find myself questioning how a race between the two could ever be close. Ronaldo has the physique of a Greek god, and I’m no Olympic sprinter, but I’m pretty sure his good looks make him make him a half second faster.