Gladbach U17 Girls Player Could Negotiate Peace In The Middle East With Skills Like This

Donald Trump needs to hire Natalia Christoph. If anyone can broker peace in the Middle East, it’s this young woman. 

Cristoph knows how to get out of tricky situations. Like a rat navigating a labyrinth to find a hunk of tasty cheese, she may not find the most direct route, but she’ll impress you in the end. 

Cristoph doesn’t take the easy option or pass the buck; she takes a challenge head on and woe unto anyone who tries to get in her way. 

Watch Serge Gnabry Do His Best Wayne Rooney Impression

On Wednesday, Wayne Rooney scored an incredible long-range goal for Everton against West Ham. On Saturday, Hoffenheim's Serge Gnabry showed that he watches veteran players and copies them when he dropped a ridiculous chip into the back of RB Leipzig's net.

Peruvian Striker Claudio Pizarro Has Voiceover Role In German Version Of Pixar’s ‘Coco’

A Cologne striker has finally scored — a role in a new movie. Peruvian Claudio Pizarro voices a character in the German-language version of the new animated Pixar film “Coco,” which is out now in a Kino near you (assuming you live in Germany). 

Pizarro is an old man nearing the end of his career on the pitch. He may have found a new calling with his voiceover role in “Coco,” which is about a young Mexican boy who is transported to the Land of the Dead during Día de los Muertos. The 39-year-old voices a skeleton who desperately wants to watch a soccer match.

It Took Just 16 Minutes For Marcos Antonio To Turn Himself Into A Laughingstock

Marcos Antonio's Bundesliga debut for Nurnberg in 2012 against Stuttgart was so bad the Brazilian defender was substituted after 16 minutes and never played for the club again (granted, a big part of that was injuries). It was one of just two appearances Antonio made for the club, the first coming in the DFB Pokal against TSV Havelse.