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The Worst Flop Of All-Time

Embarrassed? Ashamed? Those are two things that Leeds United midfielder Adryan might be feeling after he sees footage from the club's match against Derby County this past weekend. 

The Brazilian, who is on loan from Flamengo to Leeds United, took a light foul on the foot and took acting to a whole new level. The midfielder who has been compared to Kaka proceeded to act like he was receiving electroshock therapy before he flailed himself from the ground into the air like a dolphin to really, really let the referee know he was fouled.

Premier League Weekend Roundup

Per the usual, it was an eventful weekend in the Barclays Premier League, as Chelsea gave hope to the other title challengers and big clubs with high expectations that haven’t been delivered on so far this season came through to earn vital points and inch up the table:

Could The Temperament Of Diego Costa Be The Key To Beating Chelsea?

In this week's Premier League review, we look at what's eating Diego Costa (and, more importantly, what other clubs should do about it), why Brendan Rodgers is feeling “absolutely incredible," how to interpret claims of a resurgent Manchester United and more.

The Best Bang-For-Your-Buck Strikers Of The Premier League Season So Far

Get Yourself A Bargain

Everyone loves a deal, so here’s a rundown of the best bang-for-your-buck strikers of the Premier League season so far (you must have been signed this summer and scored four goals or more to qualify for this special offer):

1. Diafra Sakho (West Ham): 6 goals at $1.25m or £0.8m each 

3 Reasons To Give Thanks For Soccer

Thanksgiving is here, and that means the holiday season is upon us. Here at The18, we understand that not all of our readers reside in the United States, and, accordingly, probably do not care about Thanksgiving - but that is no reason for us to pass the buck on spreading holiday cheer, or, as is more likely the case, awkward, strained, family reunion mojo. ’Tis the season.

Is Arsene Wenger On Borrowed Time?

Is Wenger on Borrowed Time?

Photo: @Arsenal | Twitter

Despite Injuries, Man U And Arsenal Should Provide Fireworks

The Premier League is back, and this Saturday sees the resumption of what was once a fierce and bitter rivalry as Arsenal entertain Manchester United at the Emirates. While The Gunners versus The Red Devils ceased to be a clash between two genuine title challengers about a decade ago, there’s every indication that this could once again become a tense and highly entertaining game, albeit for different reasons.

So without further ado, allow The18 to ease you into the weekend’s choice fixture.

Bread-based Ligaments?