Doctors Confirm Loris Karius Concussion During UCL Final

After a “comprehensive examination” in Massachusetts General Hospital, it turns out Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius did indeed suffer a concussion during the May 26 Champions League final against Real Madrid. This report, however, isn’t going to clear our conscience on tearing Karius apart as a bad keeper, is it?

This Is What Happens When You Use A Twitter Poll To Decide Your POTS And A Former Liverpool Player Is Involved

Lazio made a silly mistake on Friday. The Serie A club asked fans to vote in a Twitter poll for who they think should be the Lazio Player of the Season. 

The choice should be pretty simple. Ciro Immobile was one of the top players in all of Europe, scoring 41 goals across all competitions and tying Mauro Icardi with 29 goals to win Serie A’s Capocannoniere as the league’s top goal scorer.