18 Stadiums That Will Take Your Breath Away

Football is played all over the world. As cities and nations grow, the stadiums that they build to play football in become beacons of pride, displays of power, and dedications to the game we all love. This video and the following pictures of amazing stadiums show just how monumental and legendary that all of those manifestations can be.

The Greatest Soccer Playlist Ever Conceived, Inspired By The Greatest To Play The Game

We’ve all watched our favorite players clambering down the stairs of the team bus looking relaxed and prepared, the very visage of concentration.

Making their way into the bowels of the stadium to make their final preparations before the match, there’s always one constant in their appearance: headphones.

The staple of the modern athlete, these hulking contraptions, along with a carefully crafted pre-game soccer playlist, blot out any external noise, allowing our heroes to stay focused on the task at hand. 

Every Premier League Team Nickname, Ranked

Team nicknames can be tricky things. American sports tend to struggle with this notion and usually opt for something generic, i.e. the Tennessee Titans. The NBA is especially guilty of meaningless nicknames. There aren’t too many bulls running the streets of Chicago, jazz musicians setting up shop in Utah, or grizzlies terrorizing Memphis. What draws so many to English football is the history, passion, and tribal following of each club. More often than not, Premier League nicknames are a reflection of a club’s identity and heritage.

20 Numbers That Explain James Rodriguez's Career

Colombian James Rodriguez has nearly doubled his value in the transfer market since joining Real Madrid. Rodriguez has done this despite not having won La Liga, the Copa del Rey or the Champions League, and despite spending time away from the field due to injuries (he suffered a thigh tear with Colombia during the most recent international break and is expected to be out for several weeks).

Rodriguez’s career at Real Madrid so far seems to be all about numbers, so here are the 20 numbers we would use to explain how it’s gone so far for the young attacking mid.

Four Premier League Players Every Fantasy Football Team Should Have

It seems like just yesterday that Chelsea paraded their 5th Premier League title down Kings Road, and yet the start of the 2015-16 Barclays Premier League is already upon us. 

Since the end of May you’ve likely spent your weekends visiting relatives, enjoying summer morning walks or leisurely breakfasts with your family. You might have taken up a new hobby or started volunteering at your local soup kitchen, or perhaps you’ve joined a book club to broaden your literary horizons.