How Football Is Striving To Combat Homelessness Around The Globe

The Homeless World Cup, which took place in Glasgow this year, finished up on Saturday. Mexico won both the men's final and the women's final, as the men coasted by Brazil 6-1 while the women beat Kyrgyzstan 5-0. 

At this point, you might be asking yourself: "Wait. What's a Homeless World Cup?" Allow us to enlighten you. 

After Recent Disappointments, El Tri Need A Strong Showing In The Olympics

The Mexico national team has become, in recent years, a fertile ground for European scouts to find promising talent. Of course, Chicharito is the most famous example, but the likes of Hector Herrera, Jesus "Tecatito" Corona, Miguel Layun, Andres Guardado and Hector Moreno have not only found success, but have become integral to their respective clubs. 

Many people give credit to the rise of Chicharito for shining the spotlight on Liga MX as a spot for promising talent, but in reality, more credit should be given to the sustained success of the Mexican youth. 

The Heroes And Flops Of Euro 2016

Euro 2016 is over. It's all over. Tell us it isn't so. 

Now that we have finished weeping uncontrollably and cursing the inevitable passing decay of time, we've been able to look back fondly at that magical month in France. All the surprises, all the snoozefests, the wardrobe malfunctions, the hooligans, the Irish lullabies, the pyrotechnics and of course, the tears. It's all been so great. 

A Beginner's Guide To The Chinese Super League

Not too long ago, the whole world was fixated as a handful of Chinese Super League clubs raided European teams for talent during the January transfer window. These weren't just over-the-hill players looking for one last paycheck. These were world-class players in their prime.

Who Is The Future Of Football? Lionel Messi's Adorable Children, We Hope.

All this talk about Messi retiring lately made us really depressed, so we decided to look to the future instead. Namely, his offspring, the fabled Messi sons.  

A Legendary Rock Band Wants Hammers Boss Slaven Bilic To Join Them Onstage

West Ham boss Slaven Bilic is a rock star. No, seriously. Watch this: 

That is Bilic's rock band side project, Rawbau, who were formed in his hometown of Split in Croatia. It's not his first, either. Back when he retired in 2001, he tried his hand at the whole music game with a band called Newera, although it never really took off. 

Why Do Soccer Players Dive?

Every week, The18 takes the world's most frequently asked soccer questions and attempts to answer them. That way, when that clone of yours turns evil and tries to convince everyone that you're the evil one, your football knowledge will allow your friend to put a slug in his head, not yours. You know. Like in Star Trek. Or The Island. Man, Hollywood has used that plot device a lot. Anyways, this week: Why do soccer players dive? 

Diego Maradona Is A Gigantic Hypocrite

We're going to preface this article by saying this: Diego Maradona was a great player and is one of the legends of the game. Good, now that that's out of the way, Diego Maradona is a huge hypocrite.

In A World Cup Without Messi, Who Could Become The Next World Star?

The Russia 2018 World Cup may be a somewhat sad and empty affair. Lionel Messi announced his retirement from the Argentina National Team (whether he means it or not remains to be seen), Zlatan Ibrahimovic has officially retired from Sweden, Cristiano Ronaldo will be 33 and Wayne Rooney will be 32. The traditional stars of the world's game are fading away, and Russia will probably be the first tournament where that truly sinks in. 

When Did Soccer Start In America?

Every week, we here at The18 will take soccer's most frequently asked questions and attempt to answer them, so you can show off all of your fancy knowledge on trivia night. You're welcome. This week: When did soccer start in America?