How To Train Like A Professional: 10-Year Pro Jamie McGuinness Shares His Workout Plan

“If football has taught me anything it is that you can overcome anything if, and only if, you love something enough.” — Lionel Messi

For Jamie McGuinness, his life’s mantra has always been to live without regrets and to accomplish that by going all in each and everyday. It’s a mentality that served him well over the course of a 10-year professional career that began at the age of 16 with Luton Town in the English Championship and continued in America with stints in the PDL and USL. 

Why Do Clubs Have A Director Of Football?

Tuesday it was reported that Ed Woodward, Manchester United’s Chief Executive, will not be traveling to meet the squad while on preseason tour. This usually means Woodward will be dealing with important transfer business ahead of the upcoming Premier League season. Woodward is not Manchester United’s director of football, however he was brought in by the Glazer family to help the club increase its commercial outreach and revenue; a way of achieving that is through high-profile transfers.

9 Rule Changes You Need To Know For Upcoming Premier League Season

We all know rules we want to get rid of or add, if only for a second to help our team win a game. But these Premier League rule changes are here to stay. How often they get called into effect is anybody’s guess.

Premier League Rule Changes 2019-20

1. Substitutions

In an effort to reduce time-wasting near the end of matches, players being substituted will have to leave the pitch at the nearest point to them.

The Players With The Most Career Goals In MLS History

Since Major League soccer began play in 1996, the United States and Canada has been home to some of the world’s finest attacking talent. The likes of David Villa and Sebastian Giovinco have been scoring at an unprecedented rate over the last few years, but there are those from the league’s humble beginnings that scored at an even more impressive clip.

How Champions League Scoring Works (Away Goals Explained)

Ah, the Champions League. A bastion of European Football and a staple of any footy fan’s season. There’s certainly a lot to love about the competition: goals, matchups, drama and more — but mostly the goals. Something characteristic of European competitions, both the Champions League and the Europa League, is the scoring. The away goals rule is important because it prevents tie-breakers and can change the mentality of how teams play. Here’s how Champions League scoring works.

How Was Soccer Invented And Then Modernized?

A sports aficionado, especially in the world of soccer, knows the beautiful game tracks back at least 150 years. English fans argue that the game started in their home country, and at least the establishment of the modern game did arise there, but how was soccer invented and does the sport we call soccer (or football, chill out) really belong to England?