Youth Soccer

Two Children Kicked Out Of Stadium For Celebrating A Goal

We understand that soccer is a game of passion. Fans are prone to celebrating every goal as if it were the best they’ve ever seen - and to mourning every loss as if it were a harbinger of death. With such a wide range of emotions, disagreements and fights are bound to happen. 

In preventing such brawls from occurring, it has to be said that soccer stadiums around the world are following the right protocol: keep the home and away fans seperate. It’s simple and effective. 

Parents Dressed In Tribal Garb Embarrass Star Player

As children growing up, who didn't think, “Do our parents deliberately try to embarrass us?” Or, perhaps infinitely more importantly, “Is there some sort of unspoken competition between the parents of the world to see who can embarrass their children the most thoroughly?”

Well, if that damnable league does exist, we would like to introduce you to its perennial champions: Mr. and Mrs. Sisto.

14 Pictures That Remind You Soccer Stars Aren't That Different Than You

More often than not, it is hard to remember that superstar athletes are people just like you and me. It is hard, of course, because they make exponentially more money, hangout with the coolest of friends, and have relationships with people that you pay money just to look at. 

So, allow The18 to take you on a trip down Memory Lane, with a slight detour down Humble Avenue, because we have uncovered some photographs that have the glorious ability to make these exceptional human beings look quintessentially average. 


The 11 People Everyone Meets Playing Youth Soccer

We at The18 understand that not everyone is meant to play soccer (or sports in general for that matter) but, for some reason, parents all over the world sign their children up for soccer year after year.

On the surface, it makes sense. Kids have a lot of energy, soccer fields are the perfect outlet; soccer is a relatively safe sport; it is a great way for kids to meet friends. 

16-Year-Old Wonder Kid Has Skills To Take On Neymar

Hachim Mastour is only 16. He was signed by AC Milan at the tender age of 14 for a sum of 500,000 Euros and a year later he dazzled everyone with his superb performance for the Primavera squad in Milan’s youth circuit. Mastour was born in Italy to Moroccan parents and has the tools to be as great as the Neymars, Messis and Ronaldos of the world. 

High School Team Chants Ebola At West African Player

Let’s hope that Northampton High Schoolers are not the class of their town.

In a shameful act of poor sportsmanship during a soccer match between Northampton and Nazareth Area High School, several players on the Northampton team chanted “Ebola” at Ibrahim Toumkara.

Toumkara moved from Guinea in West Africa three years ago, and the rest of his family still lives in the West African nation.

DeAndre Yedlin Shows Why He Is The Most Stylish Man In Soccer

Here at The18, we love DeAndre Yedlin. We love him for his ridiculous athleticism, his ridiculous sense of style, and his, hopefully not ridiculous, upcoming move to Tottenham.