Women's World Cup

Where El Clasico Ranks Among Top TV Viewership Events

The showdowns between Real Madrid and Barcelona, taking place at least twice per year, are the premier sporting events in Spain. Millions around the world tune in to watch the two richest teams in the world’s most popular sport face off in perhaps the world’s greatest rivalry. Earlier this week, we took a look at how the number of worldwide El Clasico viewers compared to the Super Bowl, the biggest event in Spain compared to the biggest event in the U.S.

Retired World Cup 2014 Stars — Where Are They Now?

Every four years, the World Cup marks a target point for the world’s best soccer players. Athletes do everything they can to prepare themselves for the tournament and it’s not unusual for World Cup players at the end of their careers to retire soon after the world’s biggest tournament. Dozens of World Cup players have retired since the last tournament. So where are they now?

Chile Secure First-Ever Women’s World Cup Qualification While Inspiring A Nation

Last weekend, Brazil secured their seventh Copa America Femenina title and direct qualification to the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup after winning all seven of their matches while scoring 31 goals and conceding only two. This wasn’t a surprise, but a real feel-good story surrounds the second-place finishers at the competition, hosts Chile.

Joga Bonito: Brazil Put 8 Glorious Goals Past Ecuador At Copa America Femenina

It’s still early days at the 2018 Copa America Femenina (which also serves as CONMEBOL qualifying for the 2019 Women’s World Cup), but six-time champion Brazil has reinforced its status as the favorite with opening victories against Argentina (3-1) and Ecuador (8-0). 

Puskas Nominee Deyna Castellanos Is Scoring Firecrackers Again

Deyna Castellanos is a name whose popularity far outweighs her actual contributions on the pitch thus far. She was nominated for The Best FIFA Women’s Player of 2017 while still playing college ball at Florida State.

Defiant In The Face Of Injury, Chelsea Cabarcas Embodies The Spirit Of The Women’s World Cup

“The football I grew up playing is no longer there. Today, all players care about are their cars, their shoes with their names on, and their image. While for me, the only thing that counted was football. Nothing else.” -Miroslav Klose

Football is under attack. It’s a sentiment that, regardless of how much it resonates with you, is often expressed and passionately argued. Whatever the reason, be it the influx of money, the unsporting concentration of talent or the diminished draw of the international game, there’s cause for cynicism.