Milan’s Chef Cooks Delicious Pasta And Shares Memories In Awesome Behind-The-Scenes Video

With the immense popularity of cooking shows and the growing number of soccer-focused sports documentaries out there, it’s probably only a matter of time before we see a behind-the-scenes series that’s focused on a club’s kitchen. If this five-minute video focusing on AC Milan’s chef is any indication, it’ll be one helluva show.

Megan Rapinoe Goes Sneaker Shopping, Talks Post-World Cup Life In Great Interview

Wearing a pair of Nike’s that haven’t even dropped yet ("I'm taking advantage of this win! I'm taking advantage of this popularity that people are sending me stuff that's not even out!"), USWNT star Megan Rapinoe visited Stadium Goods in New York to film a “Sneaker Shopping” segment with Complex. In the show, athletes talk about their own connection with sneaker culture and fashion, as well as a wide-range of interview topics including sports, pop culture, politics and music. 

Edinson Cavani’s Video Diary Ends With Flying Boot To The Face

If you’ve ever wondered what life is like for footballers on the road, this PSG video featuring a day with superstar striker Edinson Cavani in China is about as honest as it gets. You see the glamor — the five-star hotels, the adoring fans, the massage therapy — but you also see the rigorous monotony of it all. 

Cavani is reduced to FaceTime to see his four-month-old daughter, he moves from one lonely hotel room to another, always eating an omelette with one egg, cheese, tomatoes, ham and onions, drinking maté and following a highly individualized training routine. 

Nike’s Inspiring Post-Women’s World Cup Ad Hits Back At All The USWNT Haters

The U.S. women’s national team that won the 2019 Women’s World Cup was nothing short of remarkable, as is the new Nike USWNT ad, which was released moments after the tournament ended. 

The USWNT set records for most goals in a tournament, most goals in a match, first coach to win two titles and most all-time Women’s World Cup trophies. 

The 18 Best USWNT Moments Of All Time

Unlike the men’s team, the United States women’s national team is the undisputed greatest soccer team in the world. With more World Cup trophies and Olympic gold medals than any other nation combined, the USWNT is without a doubt the dominant force in women’s international soccer.

With those triumphs have come countless moments to savor: trophies lifted, victories snatched at he last minute, record-breaking performances and iconic celebrations.

These are the 18 best USWNT moments of all time.