English, Scottish And Irish FAs Ban Heading During Practice For Children Ages 6 To 11

Children between the ages of six and 11 have been banned from heading during practice by the English, Scottish and Irish FAs. The heading ban was announced on Monday following a landmark study into the correlation between footballers and brain disease.

Weston McKennie Header Assists Are Our New Favorite Thing In The Bundesliga

Weston McKennie can kind of do it all. He’s lined up at just about every position for Schalke, from center back to forward, but he’s best deployed as a box-to-box midfielder given his mobility and awareness. 

He’s also a really good header of the ball.

While most players use their leaping and heading abilities to score (Cristiano Ronaldo) or defend (Virgil van Dijk), McKennie takes another approach. He’s becoming adept at earning assists with his noggin. 

Australia Says Farewell To Tim Cahill And His Ridiculously Talented Head

The stadium applause was deafening and presumably thousands of kangaroos and koalas bowed their heads in respect Tuesday as Tim Cahill came on for his last international cap. The 38-year-old made his 108th and final appearance in his side’s 3-0 win over Lebanon in Sydney.