Bayern Munich

Pep Guardiola Loves His Players. And Tells Them Just How Much During This Drill.

Pep Graudiola showed his compassionate side at a recent Bayern Munich training session. His sweaty, yelling, overzealous compassionate side.

Bayern Munich Uses This Crazy Drill To Improve Finesse And Accuracy

Dubbed “‘Bucket Ball” (at least, by the Bayern YouTube account), this training drill is as wild and wacky a way to hone a player’s skills as The18 has ever seen. 

The level of technical quality needed to successfully complete a circuit of this drill is matched only by the childish inspiration that it took to create it.  Pep Guardiola is no stranger to finding new and creative ways to manage his team, but this might take the top spot in the ever growing list of “Reasons We Want To Work With Pep Guardiola."

From Behind The World Cup Ball To Behind Bars

How many Euros does it take to put a German soccer icon in prison? 27.2 million at last count. That’s how much Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness admitted to evading in taxes. Now the powerful figure has been found guilty and was sentenced to three and a half year in prison. Hoeness can only hope the warden will let him catch a World Cup game from behind bars.