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Zlatan Kills It On Kimmel Again, Admits There's Something He's Not Good At

Zlatan Ibrahimovic appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live just ahead of the start of the MLS season.

The GOAT has made his Hollywood presence felt across the country by joining Jimmy Kimmel again, about a year after Zlatan Ibrahimovic's memorable first appearance on the late-night talk show.

Ibra reflected on his first season with the Galaxy, being named captain and family life in Los Angeles.

He confirmed there is something he is not good at. Surprisingly, its Sweden’s second greatest accomplishment: IKEA.

Zlatan prefers his wife handle the assembly most of us see as just outside humanly possible.

Next, Ibra discussed former Galaxy star David Beckham. The two bet on the Sweden-England game during the last World Cup.

Sweden lost, so now Zlatan is a due to attend an England game at Wembley Stadium while enjoying some fish and chips.

If Sweden won the game, Beckham would have owed Ibra an all-expenses-paid trip to IKEA.

Fans got to reminisce along with Ibra as Kimmel showed his incredible 500th goal.

Ibrahimovic admitted he knew what was coming and wanted to make it special.

“That was some ninja stuff,” he said.

Zlatan also admitted that the goal was so special that if the Galaxy weren’t down 3-1 in the game he probably would have just left after netting one like that.

“If you score a goal like that you have nothing to prove anymore,” Ibrahimovic added.

Lastly, he was asked about having a 16-year-old teammate in Efrain Alvarez.

Ibra said he is like a father figure to him and would definitely not buy him alcohol.

The GOAT is just days outside of the Major Leaague Soccer opener and with him now captaining the Galaxy, the team’s future is too bright to see clearly at this point.

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