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Days Before El Clasico, Artist Tenderly Transforms The World’s Biggest Rivalry

Love is in the air ahead of an El Clasico that takes place on Catalonia's equivalent of Valentine's Day.

Sunday’s El Clasico falls on a very lovely Catalan holiday known as Sant Jordi’s day (Saint George is the patron saint of Catalonia). This day, celebrated on April 23, is similar to Valentine’s Day except exceptionally better. Instead of overcomplicating matters and piling pressure on sweethearts to make it the best Valentine’s ever, Sant Jordi’s day simply calls for the mutual exchange of roses and books.

The saying goes “a rose for love and a book forever” and over six million roses and 800,000 books are purchased and exchanged (fun fact: April 23 marks the deaths of both Miguel Cervantes and William Shakespeare). 

With El Clasico falling on April 23rd, an urban artist in Barcelona has combined the two events with a work called “Love is Blind”. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here (Messi with the rose and on his tippy-toes is a nice touch).

Ronaldo and Messi kiss

I wanna kiss you all over, till the night closes in. Photo: @RMadridEdition | Twitter

Messi Ronaldo kiss

Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Photo: @RMadridEdition | Twitter


The artist’s name is Tvboy, and this work was done on one of Barcelona’s major avenues — the Passeig de Gracia, which is regarded as the most expensive street in Spain with its shopping, business areas and absurdly gorgeous architecture.

Gaudi was that dude

I want to share this image with you all. Photo: Bernard Gagnon | Wikipedia

You can see more of Tvboy’s art on his website. You can also buy this print of Prince for me and send it to our address. I won’t be angry with you. 

Tvboy's Prince

You could buy this for me. Photo:

In summary, give someone a rose and a book on April 23 because that's awesome, Messi and Ronaldo kissy, kissy, watch El Clasico on Sunday and buy me this Prince print.

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