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The Cutest Top Bin Challenge Ever

Two girls under the age of 10 are killing it.

Back in my day, social media was just starting to become a hot commodity and I’m only 22. The time of flip phones that could only call three people and using AIM to chat with your friends is long over. Nowadays parents can post videos of their kids and they go viral within seconds.

Two girls who have made a name for themselves via social media are Brooke Maryland, 7, and Ariana Dos Santos, 8. Both girls took part in the Top Bin Challenge and absolutely crushed it.

But most importantly, their celebrations are probably the cutest thing you will see all day.  

Brooke Maryland nailed the Top Bin Challenge, but her No. 1 fan’s reaction was priceless. 

Ariana Dos Santos also has her parents helping her talents go viral on social media and she has already met some of the worlds most high-class players such as, Marta, Ronaldinho and is even followed on Instagram by Rafinha. She is definitely one of the first girls picked in her gym class. 

Without a doubt, Ariana knew she was going to hit upper 90. Not only because she pointed it out, but she even had a planned celly. 

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Both girls are as big as the ball they are kicking, but somehow manage to hit a perfect strike. It almost makes you envy the resources these young girls have for a bright future.

And if soccer doesn’t work out, they could probably be some pretty successful dancers. 

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