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The18's Definitive Guide To Who Will Win The Champions League

Real Madrid and Juventus are set to square off in Cardiff. Here are the key things to look out for in the match and who we think will lift the trophy.

We've reached the final match of the 2016/2017 Champions League, which means it's the end of The18's UCL Pick 'Em.

It's been a long and daunting season, but our lively bunch has done a decent job of giving you, the readers, an idea of who will win each Tuesday and Wednesday. Below are some simple answers that you can totally steal and use as your own to make your friends think you know it all. If you need to know how to watch the match, check out this story.


Connor Fleming: 26-18

Sam Klomhaus: 21-23

Matt Jenkins: 25-19

Bryce Badwan: 25-19

What Real Madrid need to do to win:

Connor Fleming: 13 of Real Madrid's 16 goals in the knockout stages have come in the second half. A scoreless match with 60, 70 minutes gone doesn't favor Juventus — that's when Real will be best suited to break them down.

Sam Klomhaus: Start Isco over Gareth Bale.

Matt Jenkins: Crack Juve's defensive wall with strong passing in the final third.

Bryce Badwan: Score first. The longer it takes them to score, the more doubt will creep into their heads and the more confident Juventus will become. Also, Cristiano doing Cristiano things. 

What Juventus need to do to win:

CF: Score the first goal before that hour mark. They're more than capable of holding that advantage defensively, but they're also strong enough in attack to dismantle a desperate Real Madrid side.

SK: Don't let Real Madrid dictate the tempo.

MJ: Stay patient and take advantage of set pieces to score.

BB: Do what you do best - defend. But don’t be timid going forward. They are more than capable of attacking. 


An underrated person to keep an eye on:

CF: Isco, perhaps the most in-form player on the planet right now.

SK: Massimiliano Allegri. Will Juventus start with a back three or back four?

MJ: Mario Mandzukic. He's 31, played most of his career as a striker, but has been hugely impressive playing out of position on the left wing - showing an ability to defend and score.

BB: Miralem Pjanic. He struggled early at Juve, but the lad is a quiet playmaker that helps the Old Lady get up the pitch. You want unnoticed players, I go Pjanic. Casemiro for Los Blancos. 

Who will win and scoreline:

CF: Juventus 2-1

SK: Real Madrid 2-1

MJ: Juventus 2-1

BB: 1-1 - Juventus in penalties.  

Who will be Man of the Match:

CF:Paulo Dybala 

SK: Sergio Ramos

MJ: Gianluigi Buffon

BB: Paulo Dybala 

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