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EFL Cup Match Gets 28 Minutes Of Added Time After Floodlights Fail 3 Times

This is the version of the Carabao Cup that I support.

It has to be the greatest third round fixture in the history of Carabao Cup. Wednesday’s meeting between Burton Albion and Bournemouth at Pirelli Stadium featured three floodlight failures, a minimum of 28 minutes of added time and a giant killing. 

League One Burton ultimately triumphed 2-0 over the visiting Premier League side, but the real story was the darkness that enveloped the land, the anarchic confusion over whether or not the match had been abandoned after the lights went down for a third time and the fact that no one had a goddamn clue how much time was remaining for a good portion of the match. 

The Brewers took the lead in the 14th minute through Oliver Sarkic, and things continued in that vein until the 53rd minute. That’s when, to paraphrase Journey, the lights went down in the city. 

Here’s the respective Twitter accounts of Burton and Bournemouth reacting through the proceedings.

Floodlights Fail For The First Time 

They’re Back On And We’re Back On! 

Spoke Too Soon! 

OK, Now They’re Really, Really Back! 

Oh God Dammit 

So Is The Match Abandoned? Yes, It’s Abandoned.


There Will Be 28 Minutes Of Added Time 

Nathan Broadhead would then double Burton’s lead in some strange minute of stoppage time, easing the Brewers into the fourth round. They'll play Leicester City at Pirelli Stadium.

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