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Sergio Agüero And His Avatar Have Exact Same Reaction To Awful FIFA 20 Miss

By far and away the best thing to come from all this FIFA stuff.

Rather than filling the void, these massive FIFA tournaments that are being broadcast on Twitch, FS1 and Telemundo have only served to highlight what a godawful replacement eSports are for their real life equivalents. Put simply, they’re not that fun to watch.

I’ve also realized that there’s a direct correlation between being good at FIFA and being particularly boring — who really wants to see someone exploit the game’s META (Most Effective Tactics Available) bullshit time after time while looking like Manchester City on bath salts? 

I want to find enjoyment from it, but there’s nothing remotely entertaining about watching someone sit stone-faced while digging out low crosses from the byline for 12 straight minutes.

Two things are necessary for FIFA to be a somewhat amusing viewing experience: (1) The gamer needs to have more personality than a statue and (2) it’s better if they’re so bad it’s entertaining.

Bring those things together and you have the only FIFA 20 highlight worth watching — it’s Sergio Agüero missing a chance with his own avatar and reacting in the exact same way. 


It’s also nice to have the entire Argentina national team experience (the best reality show on TV) recreated with stunning realism. 

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