The USWNT Just Received A Mother’s Day Surprise They Will Never Forget

They thought it was going to be just another holiday away from their families. Little did they know their families were already on their way.

Is Headgear In Soccer A Brilliant Safety Measure Or A Dangerous Buffer?

Fabric bands have slowly arrived on the heads of young and injured soccer players. Other than keeping those waving locks in place, are these bands any good at protecting your brain after you’ve had it rung?

23 Players, 23 Stories: Meet The USWNT

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USWNT 8 - 0 Mexico: Effort Optional

Here at The18, we believe in the sanctity of competition. So, when we look back on Saturday night’s demolition of Mexico by the USWNT, we are a little betrayed. Stoked for the USWNT, but betrayed nonetheless. That was not a game, it was an embarrassment.